» Chapter Seven.

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» Chapter Seven.
   » Wise Words.
   » Reader POV.

My mind ran with anxiety as I shakily swiped up the beaten and ripped cloak. I draped it around myself, at this point, I couldn't care less of my presentation. I groaned, raking a hand through my [Hair/c] locks as I continued down the light brown -close to a dirty gold- path. One thought still brought brought shivers to me; ‘I, [Name] -a former Diamond Rank Holy Knight of the Kingdom of Liones-, just bonded with the Dragon's Sin of Wrath Captain Meliodas, an unchanged also former Diamond Rank Holy Knight of the Kingdom of Liones!!’ I feel like I've just been shot. Fuck, Diane is gonna murder me. And she now has Gideon too.

I exited the shaded woods and entered the town. It was fairly small, consisting off a couple cobblestone houses and shops such as the blacksmith and a bakery. I stepped into the bakery after an elderly woman had left, it was cute inside. Smooth acacia wood, crossing over to form a zig-zag style floor. Baby pink walls with baige and cream flowers decorating it. A man sat behind the counter, a small smile on his face that pushed up the crinkles by his tired, old, purple eyes. His hair would have been a striking red in its youth but now it had faded to white and a strange blonde, it was swiped over his forehead quite accurately.

"Welcome, child. How may I help you?" He asked kindly. I handed him my small list, his smile stretching a little bit wider.

"I'm looking for these items. By any chance do you sell them?"

"I do indeed, I'll fetch them for you." He said, going to stand up.

"No! No," I say quickly, he gives me a glance, "I'll get them for you, just tell me where they are." I smile, which is fortunately visible under the shadows of my cloak. He takes a seat once more and nods in thanks, then proceeding to tell me where the items Meliodas needed was located.

"Thank you for the help, child. I see you have false claims against you and people who deep down care even with their blurred memories. They will clear with time. Never stop smiling, dear." He concludes. I gape at him, surprised he managed to find that out. Before I could utter a single word a familiar blonde rushed in.

"Hey [Nickname]! You got the items?" He asks, smiling cheekily. I nod in response but slowly. His smile becomes more sincere and softer, shrinking at the corners, "Ban is waiting for us." He says, stepping out and waiting for me. I turn back to the old man, silently thanking him before following after Meliodas.

» Third Person POV.

The elderly lady from before enters from behind the counter.

"You spoke with her, yes?" She asks, watching [Name] walk into the distant, hand in hand with the half-demon in which she gladly bonded with.

"Aye, I did. She's grown into a fine lass," He replies, his eyes also glued to the two of you, "I'm glad she's happy. I just wish I could tell her we were alive." He says.

"I do too, Hades. I do too." The female agrees, her eyes glancing down at her husband that whipped his hair from his forehead. It revealed a demon marking placed on his forehead, it was much more bold than any of his other features that had either greyed or was slowly fading from old age.

They watched the two half-demons disappear into the horizon before they turned to each other and smiled; them also disappearing.

They watched the two half-demons disappear into the horizon before they turned to each other and smiled; them also disappearing

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