Elizaella by LovaticLove98
Elizaellaby Madison
What if Mary Boleyn had custody of Elizabeth? What if Mary took Elizabeth and her two daughters Catherine and Annie to France? A Tudors cinderella.
  • france
  • charles
  • catherine
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The Reid Secret by RainbowPandaCV
The Reid Secretby Pandaaaa
You won't take me alive.
  • lunala
  • reid
  • alexa
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What William Afton did. by spider_candle
What William Afton did.by spider_candle
William, a normal guy, until everything goes downhill. His life is getting ruined at every turn, so, he takes it out on a kid outside of his workplace, Freddy Fazbears p...
  • sad
  • dead
  • animatronics
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I'm Not Crazy by JustAnotherValkyrie
I'm Not Crazyby Freya
The No one. The Popular one. The musical one. The sporty one. The lots-of-friends one. The barely-any-friends one. Two completely different people living completely dif...
  • highschoolau
  • nnt
  • estarossa
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Your Sin (♡Meliodas x Reader♡) by dumb_children7878
Your Sin (♡Meliodas x Reader♡)by dumb_children7878
you were never really the social type after what happened you had always stayed with the sins but after you all got split up you made it your goal to find them. One day...
  • thesevendeadlysins
  • meliodasxreader
  • ban
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Black Butler {One Shots} by The1BehindTheScreen
Black Butler {One Shots}by The1BehindTheScreen
Just some one shots about black butler! The following characters will be in the one shots: Ciel Sebastian Alois Claude Ash/Angela Grell William Undertaker Elizabeth...
  • sebastian
  • lau
  • alois
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Aurora by fmarple101
Auroraby Felicity Marple
What if Maleficent was not as bad as everyone plays her out to be? What if Maleficent was trying to protect Aurora, from herself? Aurora is more powerful than anyone in...
  • castle
  • sleepingbeauty
  • maleficent
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Forever in my heart_ When calls the heart by misshorsegirl97
Forever in my heart_ When calls th...by misshorsegirl97
when a mountie comes riding in and it isn't Jack Elizabeth gets worried. but then the mountie says Jack is gone she falls to the ground screaming his name. how will Eliz...
  • jack
  • whencallstheheart
  • heraties
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Bullets by Holly115
Bulletsby Holly115
(Set at WW1) My father was a brave man. He signed up for the war, I would go but I am a woman and have to look after my younger brother. Well that was until I saw the bo...
  • death
  • fightingfortheirlife
  • historical
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Remember... (Melizabeth) by PretendingPringle
Remember... (Melizabeth)by Pringle
The war is coming... Elizabeth is a Goddess who loved a demon for that she got cursed so did her lover the demon Meliodas. What if she didn't get cursed... but felt curs...
  • meliodas
  • elaine
  • meliodasxelizabeth
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The New Sin by mtodd5402
The New Sinby mtodd5402
Fairy Tail Next Gen and OC x TSDS
  • meliodas
  • seven
  • gaylove
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Jutro się rozstaniemy by Virala_
Jutro się rozstaniemyby Virala_
Wyobraź sobie, że po tym jak rodzeństwo Levi'a tragicznie zginęło pojawiła się w jego życiu jeszcze jedna osoba, która była w stanie wywołać uśmiech na jego, zawsze powa...
  • rozdziałowe
  • fanfik
  • bezżalu
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Harry's New Girlfriend by RavenclawCreativity
Harry's New Girlfriendby RavenclawCreativity
I do not own Harry Potter J.K Rowling does Evangeline Elizabeth Cheryl Rose Which one will Harry choose? Find out in this story... ✨☀️🐉 🥀
  • rose
  • harrypotter
  • evangeline
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Teen Fiction One Shots by koala_kbear
Teen Fiction One Shotsby Kat
A bunch of stories I've wrote the past two years I never got to finish. I'll be writing more, updating at least once a week. Stories range from a romance to a royalty d...
  • witch
  • queen
  • kat
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A Lover's Past by QueenA_M18
A Lover's Pastby QueenA_M08
Jacob looked at her again, she was just perfect. Words couldn't describe how he felt when he saw her, his heartbeat increased to the point where it was dangerous and he...
  • love
  • kids
  • bethany
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His Match ( Ciel x Reader) by CielKawaii01
His Match ( Ciel x Reader)by Blep
Ciel Phantomhive never thought that he would meet his Match one day.Not only in Business but working under the Queen as well. You are the Queen's Eyes in the Sky,You fin...
  • elizabeth
  • cielxreader
  • finny
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Team STRQ: a Rwby prequel story by DeadMC55
Team STRQ: a Rwby prequel storyby Laughing Dead
Fanfic prequel story and I'm going to try to connect it to my Rwby story
  • raven
  • ozpin
  • taiyang
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Clan Highschool oneshot (Melizabeth) by PretendingPringle
Clan Highschool oneshot (Melizabet...by Pringle
Elizabeth is a goody two shoes Goddess, Meliodas is a viol trouble making demon they go to the same high school what will happen in this oneshot. WELL THEY FALL IN LOVE...
  • gowther
  • elizabeth
  • diane
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Bullied Love {English} by Amburrry
Bullied Love {English}by Amber
okay before i start. I stole this idea from @PrincessItsuki dont worry it wont be the same. :D aanddd ITS THE FIRST YEAR IF A HIGH SCHOOL!!! (Just that u know heheh) aa...
  • king
  • meliodas
  • ban
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