» Chapter of the Past. 1

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The girl stumbled down the path, the feeling of gravely sand beneath her bare, scratched feet guided her to god knows where. The rough bandages was tightly wrapped around her eyes; preventing the female from seeing where it led. She couldn't remove them as much as she tried, they could only be removed by a Holy Knight of a Diamond rank. Why was this? Well, a magician with her gang of Holy Knight cast-aways did this. The broken shackle that was still hanging around her wrist, dug into her skin.

» Flashback.

Her hands cupped together, picking up the glistening water from the running stream. She brought them to her lips, the occasional drip falling from a crack in her gently locked fingers. Her tongue, feeling alive again, glided across her dry lips and giving them a pink gloss as they had before.

A brown bunny hoped by, its chocolate eyes sparkling as it also drank the water from the river-- just from the opposite side. She smiled softly, feeling warmth again when the animal looked at her curiously. But her body dropped to the previous chilly temperature as the small rabbit skipped away quickly, in a fright. The girl's smile dropped, the sound of hooves pounding against soft soil probably made it scamper away.

About a minute later, the sounds stopped right behind her. A heavy metal plated hand drops onto her shoulder. It roughly forced her to stand on her unsteady feet.

“Well, well, Ryuk, Misa. Look what we found here. A young lady. Aaaaaall by herself...~” The taunting voice of a male made her cringe, a sick feeling churning her stomach. Her body shook, she could practically sense all their smirks. Her body was restrained to the ground, she didn't want to risk showing off her demon markings for some magic. No, she took what was coming.

Her hands were locked behind her back with a set of rusty iron cuffs. She heard the magician, Misa, giggle evilly before the world vanished around her.

“Sorry dear, your eyes were scaring me...” Even though Misa spoke so smoothly, so teasingly, so... Innocently; her voice and tone still sounded very edgy and as though her sanity was long lost.

She cried out, her sight turning black as she felt her only source of viewing be covered up. The material was binded to eternal darkness by magic.

» Flashback End.

Although they were covered, she still felt the need to rub her eyes. The girl visibly winced when she did.

When she wandered around for a bit and heard the sound of soft patters made by a horse, she grew scared but didn't show it. The female's sight slowly turned [Eye/c] whislt her other senses enhanced dramatically. An outline of multiple men riding royal horses appeared as they slowed down to be in front of her.

“Child, are you all right?” One asked, his details looking like her had wavey hair. He hopped off the steed(stead?) and crouched down to be her height, “Do you need any help, young one?” Her hand went to the coverage. Keeping the ‘young’ act up -even though her true age was much higher than that- she spoke softly.

“Mean people. They tied this around my eyes and... I can't remove it... Only a strong Holy Knight can! But I don't think they'll help me, most people dislike me...” She says, frowning.

“Well, we are Holy Knights of the Kingdom of Liones. I am the Holy Knight Grand Master, Zaratros. Do you understand, child?” He explains kindly.

“Yes, sir. I come from Danafall. My adopted father was the Grand Master there.” She informs Zaratros. He nods.

“Well then, shall we help you get these off?” He asked, almost rhetorically. His hands went behind her head, untying the white strip of cloth and allowing it to drop away. It fell to the ground and smashed into white sparkles, them blowing away thanks to the breeze.

The girl looked up at the white haired man, who was now stood up, smiling brightly.

“Thank you, kind mister!” She cheered. Zaratros laughed heartily, offering a hand to her.

“Shall we go?” He asked, hinting to Liones. She giggled, taking his hand. As he leads the girl to his majestic, white horse, he inquires her name.

“It's [Name].” She replies softly.

” She replies softly

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