Chapter 2 ~ the escape from the once so called home planet.

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After several long hours on the bus, he finally got to Virginia. He needed to find a magical building that was actually made from true magic.

The magic is like the mist, mortals can't see it, but this magic is hard to see for even gods, and people with clear sight, so of course it was supposed to be hard to find.

But for some reason Percy found it rather quickly.

It only took him two hours to find it. It looked like a normal housing building on the outside, it was black coloured, and, it just looked normal.

The only way Percy could tell it was magical was because of the power coming off it, it was pretty strong. Although he was sure it was meant to be masked. Then why could he feel it?

He just shrugged it off.

When he got inside the building, he was surprised to see creatures, or aliens as humans call it.

The place was filled with different looking creatures. The place itself looked like a train station, and it was definitely bigger on the inside. It looked five times the size of the building from the outside itself.

The station also had massive stone hallways, which were off at the sides, they were probably to get to different trains.

He wasn't scared of the creature, they didn't seem to mind him as he walked to the reception desk in the middle, so he didn't mind them.

At the desk sat a more human looking woman. But not totally, she had a body structure of a human, but her hair was navy blue with two small white horns sticking out of her head, and her eyes were magenta coloured. Her lips were bright red, and her skin was a light mix of orange and yellow.

He got closer, he leaned on the desk, looked at the information table behind her and sighed. He had no idea what these places were. It all seemed so weird yet cool for him.

He then noticed the woman behind the desk was looking at him. He started off. "Hey..." He wasn't sure what else to do. He also smiled.

She smiled back. "Hey, do you know where you want to go?" she asked, her voice was soft and young. She looked about twenty two years old, but Percy knew she might as well be two hundred and twenty.

He thought about it for a moment. "No, to be honest... I have no idea where I'm gonna go. Actually I have no idea what any of those places are." He pointed to the information table behind her, and he chuckled.

She laughed a bit. "Don't worry, I'll help you pick your destination. So tell me, where are you from?" she asked him.

He smiled sadly. "Somewhere, where I'm not coming back...." he started.

* * *

Percy picked his destination and paid for the ticket. He was going to a planet that had lot of tourists. To be exact the planets name was Tutor.

He picked it because Leyia - which he found out was the receptionist's name - told him a lot of people visit that planet, and it's a good planet to earn some money.

Not that he needed any money. After four months of running around and killing monsters, he found a lot of monster camps, and a lot of treasure, which resulted in him having a lot of drachmas.

He has exactly 147 Drachmas. The outer space has a little bit of a different money currency, for example there's; Mayots. That's the second biggest currency in the outer space. If you have 120 Mayots... well, you're considered rich.

That's because 1 Mayot - 15 Jots. 1 Jot - 20 Cafts. And; 1 Caft - 25 Kops. Kops are the lowest.

The point is that; 1 drachma - 10 Mayots.

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