» Chapter One.

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Hello everyone. Reality here!~

These next chapters are strange ones, you are going to replace Diane's fights but Diane is still going to be shrinked and there. Like a sideline thing. I just couldn't figure out how to make the battle work without adding in lots of characters and time-skips. So I'm sorry but I still hope you enjoy none the less! Also, in this chapter I'll be adding '[Hair/t]' this obviously means hair type but just in case you dont get what I mean its like; straight, curly, crimped, etc. Okay? Good! :)


» Chapter One.
   » Vaizel Fighting Festival... Begin!
   » Reader POV.

I walked into the busy streets of Vaizel, merchant's shops lined the sides, crowds surrounding them full of interest or children staring at the foreign object with curiosity. Multiple of said merchants held items high and telling a huge chunk of lies to the ones willing to listen. I rolled my eyes at the naïve villagers but I also pitied them, they were being sold out just because they had never seen such treasure before.

In my peripheral vision I noticed something moving in the gentle breeze. Upon closer inspection, it was a stone Tavern wall and pinned to it was nine posters. I took a glance at them all; the regal looking face of Escanor, Diane's pretty but curious expression, Meliodas' fierce gaze, the broken but intimidating armour that belonged to non other than Gowther, King's snarling human form, the magician's beautiful face— Merlin, Ban's face that had exaggerated cockiness printed all over it and let's not forget the clear scar. What shocked me next was that Elizabeth had one, the earring she bore evidently showing that it was Princess Elizabeth Liones— the Princess I swore to the King I would protect before we both was taken into custody. I remember her face before I ushered her into the castle's tunnles used for the Royal Family, the ones that are used in dire measures so they could escape and not be harmed if an attack was forced onto the Palace. Lastly, and the least surprising, was one of me. I faced forward, my regular bored expression there. What was startling was how they knew I was going to cut my hair back to the original length. Without thinking, my hand slipped into the hood of my cloak, I subconsciously gripped my hair feeling the -now soft and silky- [Hair/t], [Hair/c] locks.

I walked away quickly from the board, not suspiciously quick but fast enough to not get spotted so easily— cloak or no cloak.

After a while of searching, I finally came across what I was searching for. The large bolder that was going to hold the annual Vaizel Fighting Festival. The massive, copper warhammer was relatively neatly placed up against it and underneath the grand weapon was a much smaller rock with a strange creature on it. It was cloaked in red with just arms and legs showing, on its head was a silver love helm. It was so small!

“Heey!” A male voice chirped, “We three are going to enter!” At the word enter I stopped and turned, looking at the area where I could sign up to participate. The owner of the voice was a messy blonde haired boy, he was roughly around four foot ten inches to around five foot. His emerald eyes matched the dragon hilt on his back.

“C...Captain! I dont want to!” Yet another young boy whined, his chestnut hair chopped out if his face as he was dragged along by his hood. A large, very well toned and muscular old man grabbed the blonde's black vest and white dress shirt, easily lifting up the boy along with the male he was holding at his hood.

“This ain't some kiddie fair!” He yelled angrily, “Don't go tarnishing this tournament's dignity!” The blonde peered down, it was obvious he was confused by the man's, Taizoo according to the gathering crowd, words.

“What are you talking about..?”

“I'm sayin'... Get outta here before you get h-!” I cut him off by roughly grabbing his arm and pulling it down.

“Would you shut up? This is a festival, who cares who enters? As a matter of fact I'm entering myself. So, my god, have fun and shut your trap!” I spat, ignoring the thanks I get when both males are back on the ground. Huffing, I turn around and stalk away, making my way over to the man dressed in a peculiar clown costume.

“Sign up by putting down your name with your height and weight if possible!”

» Time-skip brought to you by the VFF's preparations!

All who were competing stepped up onto the platform, words were sprung around the small group.

“Are those kids competing?”

“God! Look at those guys!”

“Hey... Is that a girl?”

“Let the Vaizel Fighting Festival...


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