Chapter 21

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Spencer's hometown is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. It's calm, like the silence that precedes a storm.

A thin white blanket of snow was covering the whole town, accentuating the grayish green colour of the plants.

We passed by at least a few parks and a dozen of monuments and statues.

In a weird way, it kinda fit Spencer to be from here. The town looked like it was based off a classic literacy book. Very sophisticated, elegant, mysterious, and had deeper meanings than what the surface was revealing. It was so much like him and I couldn't help but be infatuated by every aspect of it.

"Take two more lefts" Spencer instructed Jack who was still driving.

"Are you gonna stay lying on me or are you gonna get up?"

"I have to get up eventually." he joked "your body is really comfortable you know," he snuggled himself more into my body. "But it's alright. I'll get up. I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable" he tried to get up but I held him firmly, stopping him from moving away.

My mind flashed back to the encounter with him and Jane at the apartment. When he felt my chest all over and I tried so hard not to fall to my knees at his touch. That was uncomfortable.

However, this? This was far from it.

"This is the most comfortable I've ever been" did I just say that? Yes I did apparently.

"Awww" Jack gushed.

"Shut up" both Spencer and I said."

Spencer gave a look over outside and told Jack to take the right turn that looked like a private way.

"What the" Jack gasped.

"What's wrong?" I wondered.

"Spencer are you sure we're in the right place?" I looked out of the window to see what Jack's fuss was all about.

To say I was shocked was an understatement.

"Yes. Have you not seen a two story house before?"

I've seen two story houses, but this was beyond breathtaking. His father must've been a diamond smuggler or something because that house didn't look real. It looked like it was from the Victorian era.

"It's so beautiful" Jack gasped.

"Don't get too excited. Half of the rooms aren't even furnished. We barely use a few rooms."

"That doesn't mean it isn't breathtakin"

Jack had a point. I couldn't wait to get inside. I was a little scared that his dad might not like me though.

Spencer opened the door after we got our luggage.

The house had a pleasant smell. Some houses smell awfully horrible and I was glad it wasn't one of those. It was dim. Not dark but not brightly lit. I liked it.

"Dad" Spencer yelled. His voice seemed to bounce off the walls. "I'm home. I brought friends"

I didn't think anyone was here. The house, in fact, seemed like it hasn't seen human life for a lengthy period of time.

"Dad" Spencer called again. Jack was touching a statue by the door. He was fascinated by it. I mean I was too, after all, we're both art students. However, I was a little less expressive.

"He's not here" a voice came from upstairs. It was deep enough to know it was a guy.

Shortly after, a figure-even taller than I was- followed the voice. A huge guy appeared at the edge of the stairs. Spencer's duffel bag was dropped from his hand to my foot. I screeched silently.

I watched as Spencer's face turned from surprise to shock to happiness and then it broke out in tears. By the time this happened, the intimidating looking guy had Spencer in his arms.

"Once a weakling, always a weakling" the guy with the deep voice said.

Spencer hugged him tighter, while Jack watched intently. What was he watching I didn't know and I wasn't really interested.

I felt a pang of something at the pit of my stomach. A feeling that I didn't like.

My mind went out and about. Who was this guy? He looked like in his twenties but he sure looked scary. He was well built. Actually, more than well built. He definitely took his time in the gym.

He had brown hair, unlike Spencer's golden blonde one.

His boyfriend maybe? But he couldn't be his boyfriend. That was stupid. He would've told me about him or mentioned him at least.

A long lost boyfriend? A childhood lover?

I wanted to tear his hands off Spencer. I wanted Spencer out of his grasp. But why was Spencer hugging him like there's no tomorrow?

When they were finally done, Spencer had tears all over his face so he wiped it, but with the guy's shirt. I could swear that Jack came in his pants upon seeing the guy's shirt lift up. He was packing.

"I missed you so much" Spencer cried.

"I missed you too little guy" he ruffled Spencer's hair. I was mad. He was treating him like a child. As if Spencer was some fourteen year old.

He turned to us. "These are my friends, Ryder and Jack" he motioned at us respectively. "Guys, this is Hunter, my brother"

Holy. Hell. What?

How was that big fine piece of male his brother? They were nothing alike. Absolutely nothing alike. What was that sorcery?

"Go put your luggage up" Hunter said and preceeded us upstairs.

We went up, and like Spencer said, only three rooms were furnished upstairs: Spencer's bedroom, Hunter's bedroom, and their father's room, which was a bedroom/office combo.

"How are we gonna sort the sleeping arrangements?" I asked Spencer. He was already in his bedroom. It was really cozy and well kept. He had a big bed in the middle and a desktop computer and a TV with some video games under it, along with numerous bookshelves.

"I- I didn't think about that actually." he looked around contemplating how he was gonna fit the 3 of us in one room. Jack and Hunter were standing by the door. "Are you okay with sharing a bed with me?" he asked.

I had to think for a bit. I mean we already share a couch right. A bed is bigger so more space right?

"Yeah sure"

"I think I can find a mattress for you Jack"  Spencer said as he looked under his bed and headed towards a closet.

"Oh no Jack's been taken care off" surprisingly Hunter was the one who said that.

"What do you mean?"

"He's sleeping in my room" Hunter smiled innocently but honestly it looked far from innocent. As for Jack, he looked like he's either gonna burst from happiness or gonna burst from crying. He was scared and excited at the same time.

"This is new" Spencer said.

"Things change" Hunter clapped back and once again I was left in the blue.

"What did he mean by that" I asked Spencer after the others were gone.

"Honestly I know as much as you do" he plopped on his bed. "But let's just hope the walls are thick enough"

"Oh my God will they... You know?"

"I mean I hope not"

"Why though"

"If I'm not getting some action then neither is my brother" he looked at me with a scary, scary grin. "Unless, you know" he wagged his eyebrows.

"Don't you dare" I said as I backed up to the wall in apprehensive steps.

"Spencer back away from me"

"Spencer I'll scream"

"I like it wild" he said and jumped.

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