Chapter 20

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Buzzz... Buzzz...

"Make it stop" I mumbled. But it kept buzzing. After a few moments of trying to gain consciousness, I was able to identify that it was the intercom ringing.

I opened my eyes and screamed so hard.

"WHAT? WHAT HAPPENED? WHAT DID YOU BURN?" Ryder shot awake screaming that. What does he mean 'What did you burn?' the fuck.

"All I saw was a big foot and I got scared" I explained. His foot was in my face.

"Oh for goodness sake." Ryder grumbled "It's not even that big"

"You know what they say about guys and their feet?"

"Oh shut up it's too early for this"

Too early? It felt like I've been sleeping for a really long ti- THE BUS.

"OH MY GOD" I screamed and jumped off the couch, landing on the floor head first.

"What now?" Ryder huffed.

"The bus is supposed to leave at 12:30pm" I said, rereading the tickets to make sure that I was right.

"So? It's still," he said, checking his phone "1:23pm. Fuck"

"I ruined Christmas" I said, then got startled again by the intercom. I answered it and it was Jack.

A few minutes later and he was at the door, which I had already opened.

"Hey sleepin beauties" he said sarcastically. "I take it you're takin Prince Phillip's bus?"

"Really funny. I ruined Christmas" I sighed.

Jack entered and slumped on the couch. Ryder had gone to the bathroom.

"You do realise we have cars right? We can always drive there. I mean how far is it? An hour?"

"It's about a three hours drive" I stated bluntly.

"Damn" he cursed. "Well we could take one car and split the gas bill?"

"That's a great idea!"

"Yeah on one condition: I'll drive."

I mean he has a point. I suck at driving. I'm a danger to everything on the roads, even birds.

"Fine by me"

"me too" Ryder said from the kitchen doorway. He was hearing the conversation apparently.

He looked apologetically at Jack, and even though he still doesn't believe us, he apologised to him. Jack being the angel he is accepted it and they hugged it out.

Great. One less problem in our way.



"I'll take the back seat" Spencer said as he climbed into the back. He wasn't even gonna help us put our bags in the trunk. Lazy ass.

It didn't take us long though. I only had a small duffel, Jack too. Spencer had an even smaller one because he said he has clothes at home. It made sense.

And so we were on our way.

Jack said that we would have to stop two or three times at the gas station. Honestly I was so anxious. I didn't know how I was going to pay my share of the gas money.

Not finding a job, even though I looked a lot made me broke, and I barely cover my expenses. So yeah I was in deep shit.


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