Chapter 24

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A/N: I don't remember if I gave any of the guys a last name so if I did and any of you remember it comment it please. In the meantime I used new last names when needed.

"I can't believe my eyes!" Dad opened up his arms, "My boys in one place after so long." He clearly wanted to hug us. But that's the thing: Since when dad hugs?

Some changes I expected, like his graying hair roots, a few soft wrinkles here and there, but becoming more fit- bodywise- and a hugger? Those I did not see.

I gave Hunter a look which he returned before a shrug and we joined dad in a group hug. I felt like Im being squished between two walls. Dad was huge, and so was Hunter. And then there was me: No muscle mass and no height. No bulkiness or over attractive charm like theirs. The only thing I had in common with them was the eye colour.

I couldnt hold in my tongue and spoke, "Since when are you a hugger?"

"And since when have you been hitting the gym?" Hunter added.

His new girlfriend must be on a hard level to keep up with. Thats the only thing I could think of to explain the changes happening to father.

"Things change" dad said, and it was scary how much it sounded like Hunter a while ago.

We didnt dwell on it much, and it didnt take dad much to notice Jack sitting on the couch watching us amusingly.

"Oh you brought a guest?" Jack stiffened when dad acknowledged him. I swear he gets scared too easily. Or maybe my family is just scary in general.

"I'm Ja-Jackson, Jack for short"

Dad shook Jack's hand, firmly if I may say.

"Consider it your home, Jackson."

"Pleasure, sir."

"Please, it's Haynes, Victor Haynes" Dad said and fixed his collar. He was wearing a tuxedo. Always the business man.

"Victor Haynes? As in THE Victor Haynes? Zynetech?"

"Yes. Now if you excuse me boys, I have to go get ready for my dinner" Dad dashed towards the stairs. "I'd like the house to and the same while you're here" he added as he took the stairs.

"Dude why didn't you tell me Victor Haynes is your father!?" Jack exclaimed in bewilderment. That was exactly why I don't really mention my father. Or my last name.

"It's no biggie" I said. Hunter disappeared somewhere inside.

" 'no biggie?' he's the owner of Zynetech. One of the biggest tech companies in the industry" Jack is one of those people who read technology magazines in their free time.

"It has been in a regression for a while now. Until a few months ago I thought dad's company was going to bankrupt any moment" my allowance has only got better the last month.

"Are you kiddin me? Your dad signed the contract of the century with Steve Martin. Also known as the Chairman and CEO of Microhard. It shocked everyone because they're arch-enemies. It's all ove-"

"How do you know more about my dad's business more than I do? Hell you probably know more about his business than he does."

"Well I am a business student and I have to keep up with these things. Huge names like Victor Haynes and Steve Martin don't go unnoticed. But what's really confusin me is how did I not know you're Victor's son?"

"What do you mean?" I asked patiently. I was sprawled on the couch waiting for Ryder, while Jack was so into the conversation.

"The magazines, the news, the Internet; there's no mentionin of you or Hunter's names. It's as if  you guys have all your records deleted somehow."

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