Chapter 16

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I took a seat on the empty chair next to Livi. Yes, I'm that rude.

"Hey Liv" I said and fist bumped her. She wasn't annoyed by me 'surprising' her. She's a pretty chill person.

Jessy looked a little more colourful before she saw me. It was like she saw a ghost or something.

"Sup loser" Livi said, nodding her head. A stray strand of her too smooth black hair found its way to her face, blending in with her dark complexion. I wasn't checking her out but if looks could kill everyone would be dead by now.

She had a more prominent facial structure than mine. She looked the exact opposite of the girl sitting in front of her. While Livi looked sturdy and well built, Jessy was lean meat. She was a small barbie doll sitting with another barbie doll, if the barbie dolls came in an Army Combat Commander edition.

She was even wearing a camouflage tank top.

"Sup Jessy" I greeted Jessy, who didn't answer. I didn't know if it was because she's awkward or if it was because she didn't wanna talk to me. Even though we have talked before.

"How do you know Jessy?" Livi asked curiously. If you ask me, I'd say it was a bit of an aggressive way of asking. It's not that I'm not used to Livi's aggressive behaviour, but this was overboard. Livi never goes overboard with anything. It's like she's computer programmed.

"She's the friend of my friend. The question is, how do you know Jessy?"

Jessy's face reddened and she looked flustered as if she wants the ground to split and take her away.

"Um she's- we're- uh" Jessy mumbled.

"She's my girlfriend" Livi shot.

"Wow." this was news. I mean Jack did say something about Jessy seeing someone, but one: I didn't expect her to be dating a girl, and two: of all girls in the world, she chose Livi? Why would she? I asked myself. Livi was too rough for anyone's taste.

But what if...

You like it rough hah? I thought.

"Oh my God I can't believe you just said that" Livi gasped. Wait said what? Oh damn. I spoke my thoughts again fuck.

"Yeah, fuck indeed" she added.

I put my hands over my mouth. I then grabbed my coffee and left the table and sat on one alone.

I sipped the hot coffee in silence as my mind regulated it's thoughts.

For a homophobic clique, Ryder's group is gay as fuck.

Suddenly the chair facing mine gets pulled out and Jessy sits in it.

"Something wrong Jessy?" I gave her a quizzical look. She was playing nervously with the cute beige scarf around her neck.

"I know this is rude of me to ask," she finally spoke with her soft thin voice, "But can you please not tell Ryder or Jack that I'm dating Livi"

She saw my eyes turn into a glare so she recovered quickly "I mean I'm not ashamed of her or anything not at all. Please don't misunderstand me. I'm just not ready to tell them yet if it makes sense? Like this is all new to me and I'm taking each step at a time so please don't push me down the stairs"

"Why would I- oh you mean metaphorically" for a smart guy I'm really dumb sometimes. "Yeah, sure. You don't have to worry about that."

"really?" she was surprised to say the least.

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