Chapter 23

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A/N: I'm writing this note before I start writing the chapter but I'm pretty sure there's gonna be some subtle steamy boy on boy action so beware.

"It's different," he said after he parted his lips from mine so we could catch the breath we lost during the heated kiss. Then they were back. He was tasting every little part of them as if they were the last droplets of water on earth and he had been thirsty for weeks. "But I like it"

His hands were wild, yet tamed at the same time. They were feeling my upper body; a foreign feeling for him, and me at the same time. The difference was that I have considered it before while he never thought he'd be doing such a thing.

He was an amazing kisser, but then again I didn't have much experience with kissing. If I were being honest, I really, really didn't want to kiss anyone else.

I liked his touch, warm and gentle. And every time his hands would brush past my nipples my whole body would shiver with a pleasant sensation. I tried so hard to keep my hips, which were aching to buck against him, in place.

The sound of the kisses reverberated along the walls of the room. They did nothing but turn me on even more. The sound of kissing makes me weak, and being kissed by Ryder? Ryder Rowan himself.

Our tongues did a slow dance of their own as they discovered our mouths. I savoured his taste because I didn't really know if I would get another chance to do this again. It made me saddened me slightly, but I didn't let it show.

My legs were still wrapped around his waist and God I wanted to stay like this for a long time.

He broke the kiss to breath again. I took the chance to take off his shirt. I lifted it up swiftly and threw it away. He was more than okay with it.

I felt up his well built body. Every muscle of his rippled underneath my touch.

"Your body is amazing." Surprisingly, he was the one who said that. I didn't know what was amazing about it. It wasn't as huge as my brother's, nor as toned as Ryder's, nor as slim as Jack's. It was just average looking, healthy body. I had slight hints of muscle definition but that was it.

And then his lips reclaimed what's theirs. He bit and nibbled and suckled on mine until I felt blood flowing ten times faster through my face. He drove me places just with his mouth.

We were so immersed in the heat of it that we didn't acknowledge my bedroom door being opened and someone coughing, followed by apologising and leaving when we didn't even look their way. We were too lost in the moment. We've craved this for too long, and we were finally satisfying our hunger.

Time didn't matter. Time was ours. Life was ours. The world was ours.

His hands dived into my hair, tugging on it and passing through it. Our chests were starting to heave deeper due to how long we've been like this.

"Can I..." he said, looking me in the eyes while breaking our kiss momentarily. "Touch you a little lower? I mean, not your dick but like, I really wanna feel your legs"

"Ryder," I spoke through a husky shallow breathed voice. "You can touch me anywhere you want without any second thoughts. I trust you."

"I'm glad," he kissed me. And then kissed me. And kissed me again. And the heat was back and he continued devouring my mouth.

My legs loosened and rested on the bed as his hands started discovering the new territory.

I was really hoping he didn't notice my erection.

"Spencer I can't-" he breathed out.

"It's okay; we can stop if you want" I told him sincerely, even though I didn't want it to stop.

"Are you kidding me? I want more," his voice was betraying him. The only explanation was that his shaft has reached the oversensitive stage. If he made one wrong move, he would need a change of underwear.

"Explain 'more,'"

"No, don't get me wrong" he explained, "I just want to feel more of you, be closer to you, taste more," and that was it. That was when I melted. I was legit all his, and I didn't care what he did to me.

"Okay," he didn't need me to say more. His mouth went rogue. He trailed down my neck and chest. He kissed and licked wherever his mouth landed.

My fingers were digging into his back. All I could think of was "we aren't even having sex and he's driving me this wild. I wonder what would happen if we actually do."

He dragged his tongue across my stomach, leaving a trail of kisses here and there. My body was unexplored land and he was determined to find all its secret caves and nooks.

He stopped at the waistline and feasted on the skin there. When I felt like I was going to burst in pleasure, I pushed him gently off of me, not to make it seem like I'm rejecting him. All I wanted was to give him some of that pleasure since he's been doing all the work.

"I want a little taste too," I said seductively. We were running purely on hormones and lust and pent up sexual tension that was finally getting a bit of release.

He laid back on the bed and I did the same thing he was doing not so long ago. His chest was firm and full, crowned with a pair of pink perky nipples.

My tongue tingled at just the thought that I could pass it over them and touch him all over. I started with his neck and he tilted his head to the side exposing it for me as I sucked, leaving a mark that wasn't intentional at first, but then it happened again along his collar and the top of his chest.

It was a picture painted only with my mouth.

I started moving down along the waves of his abs.

"Spencer," Ryder moaned, breaking our erotic silence. His hands were still in my hair and it felt good.

He was still wearing his pants and I took a long lick down his treasure trail. His scent was overwhelming; intoxicating. It was him, and I was absolutely enchanted by it.

"Spencer, dad's home," Hunter said. Wait, what?

He was at the door shamelessly looking at us. "Sorry for interrupting your dinner, but we gotta get down."

"I was getting down alright."

"I meant downstairs, you horny fucker."

"Alright, I'll be down in a sec."

I got up and pulled up my pajama pants, which hung low on my waist.

Ryder was still lying on the bed breathing heavily, as if what just happened wasn't real. Hell, I was wondering if it was real myself. I've never felt this pleased in my entire life, and he didn't even touch the goods.

"Is that a bathroom door?" he pointed at the door next to my closet.


He got up and walked towards it. "I got to take care of something," he noted, and I knew he was gonna fix the bulge in his pants.

Holy hell, that was intense.

A/N: so yeah it turned out to be modest smut. Oh well. Hope you liked it. V O T E if you did and comment your opinions I love them.

Also thanks for cheynicole1975 for editing it. It's not like it needed editing but she insisted. So thanks ♡

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