35:We're Just Strangers 2

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***If you don't care what I have to say skip the bold part***

I'm starting this chapter with an author's note because it might be the last chapter I don't know how will it go. A small reminder that I never, ever, wrote to please. Yes, votes are nice, and comments are very well appreciated and I reply to almost all of them, but I never do anything to please anyone. I do it to get stuff off my mind.

On this Journey, I would like to thank a few people who made the journey less of a task and more of a ride.

First and foremost I'd like to thank KVIII for being a permanent support since the beginning. And also for her constant contribution of ideas and original content.
I'd like to thank Widerange, Pumpkin, and Australia, for also pitching in on ideas every now and then, and bringing the whole story and characters to life when they speak about them. You guys have been a great support and I'm forever thankful.

Last but not least, I'd like to thank my girlfriend, whose kind words like "Ryder and Spencer end together or we end forever" have been of support and encouragement.
Thanks for sticking with my gayness ♡

Without further ado, read on.

*Spencer's P.O.V*

The butterfly effect. A concept that had always fascinanted me, and I only stopped to think about it now.

No, this isn't my depression speaking, nor I'm on some drugs, and I'm not drunk. Completely sober and my mind running like a clock.

They didn't know that a restaurant date, a ring, and a dress, will cause something so bad. Almost catastrophic.

They didn't know that such a happy moment was going to be such a sad moment more than twenty years later.

Maybe it's true. Whatever goes around comes around. A boomerang. A scale. Whatever good will generate bad and whatever bad will generate good. We may not see it or realize it. I didn't realise it myself until now.

They were in their late teenage years. He asked her out, she said yes.
He asked her to prom, she said yes.
He asked her parents for a blessing, they said yes.
They were in their early twenties.
He asked her on a date, she said yes.
She asked him if he's okay, he said yes.

He got on his knee and gave her a ring.

She said yes.

And life goes on. You'd think it's lovely, adorable. You'd think it's beautiful and romantic and happy. They thought so too.

They got their firstborn and they were happy. Overwhelmed with joy and hopes and dreams.

They got another one and they were happy too.

But. There's always a but. Because like I said, it all spins around eventually.

Little did they know, that they were on the way to messing up someone else's life.

The second born grew up. He went to kindergarten then middle school then high-school.

He went to college and met people. He almost killed himself a couple of times but he doesn't talk about it. He never did and no one ever found out. He was good at hiding those things.

And as life goes on, paths change. His father went through a path. His mother did too. His brother did too. But the paths were not in one direction.

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