30:Four More Days

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Day 2

I went out for a coffee first thing in the morning. I haven't eaten since yesterday and I needed some caffeine to function. Spencer used to have coffee ready every morning. Not that he was an early bird, but a lot of the time he would be still up with no sleep.

I went to the nearest café and grabbed the biggest cup of black coffee. I remember Spencer hating it and saying 'a coffee without milk is a silkworm without silk'

I laughed.

Back at the apartment, I checked the semester calendar. We start classes again in two days.

Worried about Spencer, worried about classes, worried about my state of unemployment. Basically just worried about everything.

Oh and yeah, my "girlfriend" is pregnant. Oh joy.

Suddenly I hear the water go off in the bathroom and I jump. I grab the nearest object I can attack with and it's a paint brush. It would work.

I approached the kitchen slowly and Spencer appears in front of me then backs away in shock.

"What the fuck!"

"Fucking hell you scared the fuck out of me"

He looked at the brush in my hand, "What were you going to do? Paint me to death?"

"Not funny" I dropped the brush to the ground and engulfed Spencer in a hug. He seemed reluctant but he hugged me anyway.

When I broke the hug it was the opposite- he was the one who seemed reluctant about breaking it.

"My phone died I couldn't call you" he explained.

I interrupted him instantly "It's fine as long as you're here"

He shifted uncomfortably. As if his body was telling me "not for long". I hoped I was reading too much to it.

"I owe you an explanation" I spoke when Spencer landed on his bed as if missing it.

"You don't owe me anything" his voice said it all. Depression was in control today. I should've known from the dark circles under his eyes. He probably spent the whole night - which I still didn't know where- awake.

"I do" I sat next to him. "I told you I'm going to be with you and Jane went and did that dirty low blow."

"It's not a low blow you just got her pregnant"

"NO." I yelled unintentionally. Spencer was unfazed by it as if expecting it. "I didn't. I'm pretty sure I didn't"

"It doesn't matter I don't know"

"Either ways, she should be on her way to get a DNA test so we'll know for sure in four days."

"Can you stop talking for just a few seconds" Spencer said, his face stuffed into the pillow.

"What do y-  Spen-" he was asleep.

Spencer woke up about five hours later.

Days 3 and 4

College resumes on day 5.

He didn't sleep at all for two other days.

We had the best days ever.

Spencer said he's going to make me forget everything troubling me. He said it with such sorrow in his eyes it was painful.

He skipped work those 2 days even though his vacation was over. He said he will go tomorrow and it's okay.

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