Chapter 22

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"I like it wild" I said to freak him out even more.

"Spencerrr. You're scaring me stop" Ryder was losing it and I was thoroughly enjoying it.

"What's the matter Rye?" I mimicked Jane's tone "Scared of some boy on boy action?" I switched to my creepy tone of voice that I save for times like this.

"No. I mean yes. I mean stay away from me" he pointed out a finger.

I thought about going further and suck his finger but I decided to back out so I won't actually cause him a heart attack, or worse, a dick attack.

I took a step back and cracked up in laughter. "You should've seen your face oh my God"

"It isn't funny" he protested, but I could see a faint smile on him somewhere. He was still glued to my bedroom wall though.

A tempting scene.

"It is funny when your face looks like it's seeing an exorcism for the first time"

"I'm not laughing"

"Ah come on" I shoved him lightly.

He shoved me back "no"

"yes" I shoved him harder.

He shoved me even harder and I landed on the bed. I hissed in fake pain and clutched my arm tightly.

"Shit I'm sorry" he apologised instantly, just like I expected. He was immediately by my side panicking and checking if I'm okay. It's the couch incident all over again.

"Sike" I tackled him into the bed.

"It's not fair you always do that"

"and you always fall for it"

It was a good five seconds of dominance I had, because in a split second he had me pinned under him.

"It's not fair you're a giant" I complained.

"I'm not a giant. You're too small"

"Bet?" I winked, and of course, he freaked out even more.

"Oh my God stop. I'm not gay"

"Say that one more time and I'll start tickling again"

He quickly pinned my hands above my head, my arms extending upwards- Christian Grey style. My chest felt like it was gonna burst. My dick too. He was literally over me; his face was once again in close proximity to mine. For someone who isn't gay he surely gets himself in a lot of compromising positions.

"I'm. Not. Gay." he whispered against my lips. Sure.

"I can legit smell your testosterone flowing"

"You can't because I'm not gay" he repeated- to himself more than to me. He was trying, I'll give him that.

I didn't want to confuse him. It was clear he was having trouble with his sexual identity and I didn't want to trouble him more.

"Ryder, it's okay"

"I'm not gay"

"Easy on yourself it's okay" I held my gaze with his. His eyes spoke much more than he ever did. They spoke emotions. They spoke words the mouth can't pronounce. They were caged. He was caged. He needed release, but he had to release himself by himself.

"I'm not gay" he said one last time before a teardrop landed on my cheek.

I knew he wanted to do it. He wanted to kiss me. I wanted to too. I wanted to taste every inch of him, but I can't do it like this. Not when he's in this state.

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