Chapter 25

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A/N: Steve Martin who was mentioned in the previous chapter has nothing to do with the American actor Steve Martin. It was simply coincidental. Any other or future names are all made up.

"Oh. My. God" Jack gasped. We gasped too, but Jack was shocked the most. "IT'S STEVE MARTIN" he whisper screamed. Don't ask me how he did it, but he did.

It was his role model so he had every right to be shook.

Hell we were all are. We were expecting a lady. Some hot chick dad's been seeing. A coworker, a secretary, or I don't know anyone BUT Steve Martin.

A lot of questions. A whole lot of questions were going on inside my mind.

Could it be that dad's attracted... To him? In a not so friendly kind of way? More like in a boyfriendly kind of way?

I was shocked I actually thought of that. Dad would never. Dad was nowhere near gay. Pfft... Dad? Dating a guy? Nope. Not possible. He was married to a female woman. He dated a different female every few weeks.

He wouldn't simply date a guy. A male. With a penis, and testosterone and stuff. Never.

"So this is my date everyone!" dad clapped his hands. Like I said: N-E-V-E-R. "this is Steve. Steve, this is my eldest son Hunter," he gestered at my brother, "and my youngest, Spencer." he motioned at me.

"Pleasure to meet you, at last," Steve spoke in a thick British accent mingled with slight hints of our native accent, meaning he has been living here for a while. "Your father speaks highly of you. The doctor to be, if I'm not mistaken."

Hunter shook Steve's hand firmly. I felt pain in my own hand on behalf of the guy.

"And Spencer. The boy with the free mind." he remarked and took my hand in his. He smelled of very expensive perfume.

Little did he know how caged my mind was.

"And the other two lads?" Steve asked passing a glance at Ry and Jack.


"This is Ryder, my roommate." it passed through me like a well sharpened knife. 'My roommate', that's what he introduced me as.

I don't know why but a part of me was disappointed. I had absolutely no reason to be. I was after all, his roommate. Is it bad that I wanted to be more? Much more.

I wanted Spencer. All of him. I wanted a bigger title than roommate. Bigger than friend. I wanted more. I needed more.

Crazy, I know.

If someone would've told me a few months back that I'd be head over heels for a boy I would've punched them square in the face.

But now... Now. I look at Spencer and see someone different. Someone I can't picture living without after college. Someone I can't picture coming home and not find him there. Or his stuff lying around. Or his body spray in the air.

I can't imagine not having nights on the couch with Spencer watching some movie and falling asleep in a tangled mess of blankets and us.

"And this is-"

"Jack, Jack Muller. Pleased to meet you sir." Jack shook his hand vigorously. He looked like he was about to bust a nut right then and there.

"You need to chill your ass" I whispered so only Jack could hear me.


"Thank you, Rosalind. It tastes so good." Victor, Spencer's dad complimented the head of the caterers. She was a young pretty latina, with a flowery patterned dress.

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