32:All On My Own 1

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The morning after that horrible day, I woke up with a headache. I knew it wasn't gonna be a good day whatsoever.

Spencer was still asleep. I assumed he wasn't going to college today either. I was worried about him.

I found myself sketching a vague image of his on my lunch break and he was literally practiced his name in calligraphy class.

I tried to focus on the numbers rather than him in maths class, then I started wondering, why do I have to take maths if I'm an art students.

I knew this day wasn't going to be good at all. Even after the 2 cups of coffee, the feeling lounged at the pit of my stomach.

What I didn't know, however, was that my heart was going to break that very day. Yes, more broken than it already was.

But that was a story for later.

I didn't go back to the apartment after college. I went to the school of business. Jack was still in class and I waited impatiently outside his class. When I say outside his class I mean right by the door.

Jack was soon out of class among a wave of students. He was the tallest so I spotted him easily.

"Hey man what you doin here?"

"I need a huge favour" I skipped pleasantries. I didn't have time for those.

"Sure man throw it on me"

"Don't say weird shit like that. It's weird"

"Well excuse me for not knowing the difference between good slang and bad slang. You know I'm still fairly new at English-"

"Ok not the point," he nodded and urged me to continue.

"I need the number of the psychiatrist
Spencer has been seeing"

Jack froze in his place. "How did you know he was seein a psy-"

"I'm not an idiot you know. I can tell if Spencer has been seeing a doctor or not. Or if he's sneaking in or out or not. Or hell I know if he's stealthily trying to jerk off or not. We literally live in the same room, 3 feet apart. Plus, Spencer talks in his sleep- A lot"

"Look I really don't think it's my place to say or give anything."

I let out a frustrated breath. "Listen to me, Jack. Spencer is not okay. He hasn't come to college yet and he NEVER misses a class. He barely speaks a word and he's always looking withdrawn. I don't think he eats anymore. I need to know the psychiatrist and I need to know her now"

Jack seemed to process all that as we walked outside the school of business and into the outer lounge. We took the nearest empty picnic table, which were sprawled across the lawn, and sat facing each other.

He pulled out something that looked like a wallet from his backpack. When he opened it, it had nothing but business cards. He picked through them until he found the one we needed.

He held it between his index and middle finger as if he's about to pull a bad ass card straight out of Yu-Gi-Oh.

"I took this from her desk." he handed it to me. As I reached for it, he withdrew it back. "Ah-Ah. You did not get it from me."

"Don't worry about it" I took the card and hurried away from campus.

"A thank you would've been nice" Jack yelled but I was already on my way.

I pulled out my phone and started punching in the numbers of Pr. Linda Peterson Grayson, but right before I could tap the dial button, my phone started ringing. It was Jessy.

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