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The Art of the Bartender's Heart by ColourMeSkittlez
The Art of the Bartender's Heartby Nicole Williams
#1 in roommates tag 03|12|2018 #2 in new adult tag 12|12|2018 #3 in drama tag 23|06|2019 "Can I help you?" I snapped, arching a brow. The man in front of me ga...
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Roommates  by ChunkyFunkyMonkey
Roommates by ChunkyFunkyMonkey
Rosalie Harness is a typical seventeen year old teenager, she goes to school, dates, parties and all other typical teenage things. But there is one thing which is not so...
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Just Room Mates by Curiouslycocoa
Just Room Matesby k🚀
When Riley goes to move into her new college dorm room, she is expecting a possibly noisy roommate that blasts music too loud occasionally, or so she thinks. But, when h...
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The Orphanage | Frerard by xXSunshineHoneybeeXx
The Orphanage | Frerardby Sunshine & Honeybee
Gerard Way is the long time resident of the orphanage with his brother Mikey. Frank Iero is the new kid who blames himself for why he's there. Frank and Gerard get off t...
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The Winter Cottage *Completed* by tampamanatee
The Winter Cottage *Completed*by Love has no gender.
Roommates Parker and Sophie don't get along too well. Will that change when they're stuck in a cabin together?
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Childhood Bestfriend by dreaminglifes
Childhood Bestfriendby dreaminglifes
Zara is your average 18 year old girl. Well except for the fact she technically only has one real friend, her best friend Ava and has experienced nothing in her high sch...
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Love Me For My Soul by quintessentials
Love Me For My Soulby quintessentials
Saying that Sienna is less than thrilled to be sharing her household with two unexpected roommates is an understatement. Saying that she is less than ecstatic to be sha...
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Damon and Jamie: Going Bananaz! by Enchanted_Espurr
Damon and Jamie: Going Bananaz!by ♫ Honey, I'm Good ♫
Ambitious theater student Damon Albarn and laid-back art major Jamie Hewlett are freshman year roommates at Goldsmith University of London. They learn early on that they...
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Negative by Bluegoo3974
Negativeby Bluegoo3974
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The New Roommate - Larry Stylinson AU by nialls_giggle
The New Roommate - Larry laura
When he's forced to share a room at boarding school with the new kid, Louis Tomlinson is pretty annoyed. But it becomes clear that the new boy is afraid of something. Ha...
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One of the guys. by mikaelareece
One of the Mik
Mayan Riley is finally happy, she's left her family, her friends and all the drama behind. Ready for a fresh start Mayan changes her style, her hair and most importantly...
College  by x_sydney
College by sydney
What if Emma and Killian were roommates in college? Emma just got back from Ireland and was now in New York. Killian Jones was Emma's roommate. They start to have feeli...
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Lennox. Me. & Apartment C. by itsjb_here
Lennox. Me. & Apartment JB
|in which a visiting student finds herself rooming with the campus's most infuriating and eligible bachelor| • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •...
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Roommates (A Maximum Ride Fanfic) by itchyforirwin
Roommates (A Maximum Ride Fanfic)by h
Lissa and Max despise each other. They can barely stand in the same room as the other. Unfortunately, they are roommates in their college's dorm. Fang, is Lissa's boyfri...
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Roommate Romance by idkanymoreee
Roommate Romanceby Claire Grant
Just some normal college roommates that well hate each other. All of the fights about who does the dishes and who should clean the toilet has left these two girls to str...
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Friend Zone by adricheeks
Friend Zoneby Adriana
High School is just about to end and summer is right around the corner. Alexia, Nikauri, Leanne, Asher and Mason are all best friends. This summer is going to be there...
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An Apartment Full of Youtubers! by Superwholockfan19
An Apartment Full of Youtubers!by Dorothy Davis
What happens when a bunch of Youtubers live together in one big apartment room? Crazy epic awesomeness, that's what! Starring... Pewdiepie Markiplier CinnamonToastKen Ja...
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Spark [h.s.] by narcoticmalik
Spark [h.s.]by narcoticmalik
They always say in books that when that special someone touches you, you feel sparks or flames dance upon your skin. I thought they were liars until you touched me and I...
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my room mate. by hiiiiworld
my room lexi
read and find out :-P
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Playing a love game with Mr. Player by ellabella201
Playing a love game with Mr. Playerby ellabella201
Danielle Summers and Devin Hall have hated eachother since the eighth grade. They are now in their junior year of high school. Their parents are leaving for a 6 month bu...
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