Chapter 3

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It only took me four hours, but everything was sparkly clean. The floor was so glossy you could see your face in it. The beds were made to perfection to a point that you can flip a coin on them. The desk was no longer a garage sale; it was actually a desk. And you can no longer smell that horrendous odor that reeked from our room. Turned out it was a cum sock that had stuff in it that were once something edible. Believe it or not that wasn't the weirdest, most disgusting thing I found under Nich's bed.

Though I did reconsider leaving everything as it is and take up Ryder's offer and go back to his room. But no. I had to forget about him. He has trouble written all over his face. Plus he sounds and looks like a homophobic asshole. Not that I was gay. I wasn't as far as I knew. However, I'm up to try a fine piece of male like Ryder.

If only he'd cut his long hair he would look really cute- see that's why I had to forget about him.

"Wow everything looks neat!" Nicholas whistled from the doorway, holding a box of pizza in one hand, and a slice in the other.

"And it would be really appreciated if it remains that way" I gave him a warning glare.

"I'll keep it clean I promise" he said at the same moment his pizza slice fell face down on my clean floor.

I face palmed. And cursed. Which is rare. But it happens.


When the place you're in has cheap white curtains with red roses on them, red leather seats and tables with white tabletops, and red is the overwhelming colour, and you smell burgers and other foods, you know you're at Betsy's.

Which is where I work. Or used to work to be accurate. I used to love it, and the pay was decent, but now I don't work there anymore. Fired actually.

Now you may be wondering why I got fired from being a waiter with an actual genuine smile and a good spirit besides the bad boy looks I sport.

It all happened two weeks before college started.

The Betsy's I work at is the nearest diner to campus. So as expected, almost everyone hangs out there. Including my friends.

Jack, Tyler, Jessy, and the rest of my 'gang' were there at my shift. They were laughing and joking around and every often they'd call me to hang out with me even though it was work time.

I knew they were going to get me in trouble but I couldn't just ignore them.

Until that moment where I was standing at their table trying to sneak away from them at any possible instant, but they kept dragging me into conversation after conversation. Then someone behind me cleared their throat, and I knew it was my boss.

He started scolding me for ditching my work and I couldn't say anything because, well, he had every right to do so.

But then, my friends were looking at me apprehensively, urging me to do something about it. And so I did what I thought was the best thing to do.

I poured a milkshake on his head.

And that was the story of how I got fired from the job that was keeping me from being allowance-less.

And now, a week later, I had no part time job, no roommate, and no way in hell I would be able to afford my room by myself, and that stubborn ass Spencer refused to room with me.

But guess who doesn't take no for an answer?

Yep, you guessed it, it's me. (That felt like Dora)

I walked, and walked, then walked some more. I was at the main courtyard of the campus of Hilltown College. I took the walkway that leads to the dorms. It's a really nice walk with trees and flowers on both sides of the paved path. But that's only to cover the fact that the dorms are the Azkaban of college. I can't ever imagine living in that thing.

The rooms are like rat holes. Not that my room is a palace, but it feels like it, at least to me it does. It's like a rabbit hole instead of a rat hole, and that suits me.

Also the fact that I don't have fussy college kids running in the halls, pulling pranks, partying till unholy hours. I have neighbours, but they're mostly adults (actual adults and not college-status adults) and college kids who are also tired of the stinky college dorms.

I reached Spencer's room. The door was closed and the hallway was quite. I extended my arm to knock on the door but stopped midair when I heard the strumming of a guitar. It was a familiar tune and it was being played very well, with every note being hit accurately.

"If the whole world was watching I'd still dance with you

Drive highways and byways to be there with you"

The really beautiful voice was singing with the guitar melodies. I wasn't sure if it was Spencer or not because it sounded like him, but at the same time the voice sounded crisp and warm and I realized that moment that I wouldn't mind falling asleep to that every single night.

"Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you"

And then it followed a few hums. By that time I was sitting on the floor with my back resting on the door, listening intently. I was mesmerised by his voice to a point that I didn't want it to stop. It was enchanting to the core.

Sadly I had to knock before anyone sees me creeping in the hallway.

I stood up, fixed my clothes, and knocked twice.

"It's open" Spencer shouted from the inside. He looked very calm and relaxed, until he saw me and scrunched his eyebrows and pouted. His lips looked ki-kickable, yes kickable not kissable. Because that's gay and my friends would dump me in an actual dumpster if they thought I did anything gay. Or approved of it for that matter. "If I had known it was you I would've reconsidered that"

"Come on don't be mean. It's my second time here and I'm practically begging you to come back and I NEVER do that." he put the guitar away, which confirmed that it was him who was singing (that and the fact that the room was empty except for him) then he stood up.

"In case you haven't noticed, I spent a day cleaning this room up. I had to go through tons of stuff, and some of which were ALIVE." he poked me with his index finger as he spoke "And you expect me to" poke "leave" poke "with" poke "you" the last poke hurt, "Just because your majesty came here twice?"

"Yes?" I questioned sheepishly.

He shook his head.

"Come on! You're more stubborn than Tauruses!"


"Well now it makes more sense"

"You're not helping your case" he crossed his arms on his chest. It was funny looking considering he was pretty shorter than me.

"We've been arguing for half an hour just say yes and come with me"

He looked panicked and checked the watch on his wrist. "SHIT! I'm late for work"

He started rustling around and putting on his shoes. "You're not going anywhere before we finish this"

"You wish" he said and went for the door but I blocked it.

"You're not leaving" I said firmly.

"Are you ticklish?" he asked out of no where.

"What?" I was confused by his question. It wasn't like he was going to-

He started tickling me and I burst out laughing. Curse my ticklish body always failing me. You'd think that a giant 6' toned guy would be immune to such a childish act, but I wasn't. After that he crawled from between my legs like a kid, a dirty kid because he whistled. And then he darted across the hallway and disappeared at the turn.

Joke's on him I knew where he worked.

A/N: how are you liking the story so far? I have a feeling that I'm gonna be loving the guys as much as I loved Zac and Evan from my previous story.

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