9:So It Goes

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The car halted to a stop in front what looked like a sorority house. There was lights from inside which illuminated from the windows, showing that the curtains were a bright pink. My first thought was: how can you live in house with that colour for curtains. It's just a no.

The door opened, the light from inside breaking the dark atmosphere on the front porch. Then a small figure trudged down the steps and ran smoothly towards the car.

"Hi Rye-Oh" she broke her over the top cherry tone when she saw me in the front seat.

Let me tell you she was not amused by having to sit in the back seat while I filled the front. That's how stupid she was.

The ride to Tyler's house was silent with a lot of tension, and guilt was taking over me, and Ryder definitely noticed how uncomfortable I was. It was starting to slightly rain as he was parking the car, and I was getting more and more nervous by the minute.

Why nervous you might ask? Well I don't really go to parties. They're not my thing. But I was going to give it a shot. Plus, was it really a good idea to go to a party held by the guy who called me a faggot not longer than few days ago?

It was not.

You could hear the thud of the music all the way from the end of the street. That and the abundance of college kids and not-so-looking-college kids scattered outside.

The blaring of the music intensified as we got closer and closer and I got much more anxious. Near-panic anxious. But I was gonna do it. I was strong and I was a determined person.

"Please don't make me" I whined when it was time to go inside.

"Please don't make him" Jane said mocking my tone. She sounded ridiculous just saying.

"Stop being childish you two and grow up." Ryder scolded us and ushered us towards the door.

At the steps of the front porch I saw the same clique that was abusing our coke stock back at Crusty's.

We were standing in front them, but they were only looking at me which made me a little self conscious and definitely didn't help my building up anxiety.

"Who invited the nerd?" the most annoying one of the group questioned. I nicknamed her Foody Hair because she's the one who twirls her hair while eating.

"Easy Vanessa. He's with me" Vanessa, her name apparently, didn't look amused. Beside Vanessa was the other girl in their "gang" as Ryder calls it. She looked out of place among them if you ask me. She was small and cute and looked too innocent to be with them.

"Hi Rye" she said from behind a stray brown lock and hugged him. She was, like, 5 feet tall if not shorter. Her arms reached below Ryder's chest.

"Hey Jessy" Ryder greeted her back.

He fist bumped with Jack, and smacked Tyler's back. Tyler looked like a typical jock. I hated typical jocks. Jack looked just as bored as I am as if he was dragged here forcefully. Which to think about, is kinda the same. I liked Jack.

Tyler spoke nothing. But he was looking at Jane, taking her expensive black dress in. His glares were flaring as if he was undressing her with his eyes. I was surprised no one noticed.

"Well! Let's go get some drinks!" Tyler finally said, averting his look from Jane and heading toward the door.

As everyone followed, Ryder lagged behind and grabbed my arm to stop me from going.

"Aren't you coming Rye?" Jane asked from atop the 2 steps.

"Yeah in a second babe" she swooned at that word and went inside. I shook my head.

"Look. I know you and Jane got on the wrong foot, but please try to befriend her? I don't want both of you fighting all the time it's giving me a headache. Can't you just get along?"

I smiled bitterly. I didn't know why but that request made me very pissy, but as usual I hid it too well.

"Sure thing. I'll try"

"Thanks" he said and went after them.

I took a deep breath and went in.

I knew this one goes by this name, and that one was called that name, but I didn't really knew them. I'm not the social kind and I can't ever be one.

After about forty minutes of wandering like a duck, most of the people at the party were smoking, and the music was even louder than it was when we first arrived, and my head was thumping on its own, and not to the music.

I tried hard to remember where the kitchen was so I can get to the back yard for a less foggy experience. It's quite hard to recall rooms when a house has a gazillion room and every room is crowded.

When I finally did reach the kitchen, I opened the slide glass door and stepped out to the back yard. I instantly got hit by the cold after-rain mist that I absolutely adorned.

Surprisingly enough the back yard was empty. Completely empty. Everyone was inside because it was raining a while ago, and they were all involved in drinking games and hot make out sessions, and God knows what else.

I took a few steps on the damp grass but stopped when I heard a noise from the side of the house. I quickly slipped behind a nearby tree. Don't laugh at me because I really am small enough to fit behind a tree, plus it was dark.

I took a better look at where the noise was coming from. I noticed it. A shiny expensive black dress. She was making out with a guy that couldn't possibly be Ryder because I left him inside when I excused myself.

The guy's body was visible but his face was blocked by the shadow of the roof.

His hand slipped underneath her dress and went places I do not wanna think of, all while their kisses got deeper and messier as if there was so much longing in them.

How could she do this to Ryder?

She whispered something in his ears and then she went inside. He waited there and I kinda had an idea what they were doing. They were probably doing the "I'll go in then you follow after a short while so we don't draw suspicion" thing.

Anticipation was building up inside my body as I was eager to know who was she cheating on Ryder with.

Just when he was about to get back inside, the door slid back open and a bunch of guys walked out bantering and shoving each other, obviously shit faced.

When the guy heard that, he quickly jumped over a fence and went around the house, and I cursed myself because I didn't get to know who he was.

"Hey what're you doing behind the tree midget" midget, that's a new one.

"What's it for you I'm taking a leak" I said in the toughest tone I could muster.

"S'cool man" the guy slurred.

I went past them and back inside. I found Ryder in the living room with a bunch of people I don't know, but I was looking for Jane.

I caught her form passing in the hallway so I followed her. She entered the bathroom, probably to fix her makeup that was eaten by that guy, which I had my doubts on who he was.

I quickly slid behind her and closed the door, earning a screech from her.

"Are you insane what are you doing you pervert! I knew you were up to some-" I put my hand to her mouth shutting her squeaky annoying voice.

"I know what you were doing in the back yard" her eyes widened and my hand fell back to my side, leaving her mouth gaping open.

Sorry took long to update this but my hand is injured and I can barely type.

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