Chapter 7

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"What's the barista from Crusty's doing here Rye?" Jane spat.

"I'll have you know I'm also a waiter AND a supervisor there. And 'the barista' has a name, OH AND ALSO he's Rye's roommate"

"Uh!" She looked at Ryder, who was stunned in his place, not knowing what to do. "You're rooming with him! Everyone knows he's gay Rye. You shouldn't be sleeping in the same room with him".

I wasn't mad, no. I was furious! Just because someone is gay they automatically assume that he's gonna hump everything with a dick. It doesn't work that way.

"First of all, I'm not gay."

I lowkey was but she doesn't need to know that because I was even confused about myself.

I put my guitar away and stood up "second of all" I turned to Ryder after pausing for a bit, scheming a plan in my head but I needed some time. So I gave Ryder the steering wheel. "Tell us Ryder, why are you sleeping with me?"

Jane glared at him so hard when I said that.

I plastered a fake smile, like one of those I put on for annoying customers. But to be honest my height didn't help with posing a fierce attitude. Plus I'm as sturdy as a chicken. Like I may look tough on the outside, but I'm as tough as a jelly bean.

"Oh no. No we're not sleeping together. I mean technically we are but we each have a bed. We don't sleep on the same surface" Ryder stammered.

He saw me looking at the couch where we fell asleep on last night and his face reddened as a blush took over his delicate features.

"I mean what's wrong with rooming with him? He's really decent. I mean aside from being a little indiscreet" if looks could kill, Ryder would have been dead by now. He was definitely not helping himself.

He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly and for a second I thought of easing things up on him. But then Jane looked at me in disgust and I fumed all over again.

"But what happened to Kevin? I liked Kevin better" she whined. That was really rude. Why was he even dating a bitch like that? He didn't look like a guy who would stand for shit like that even though he pretends to be. And maybe that was the problem, he pretends.

"Kevin left. And really I don't see why you don't like Spencer" bitch what does she have to do with us? In my opinion, if she doesn't live here she doesn't get a say :). But I knew how to pay her back for being a rude ass bitch.

"It's just that he looke at you like you're a piece of meat!" she even stomped her foot. What kind of middle school behaviour was that. I got a plan formed and I was getting ready to ensue it.

"Alright I'll leave you two love birds to solve your problems in peace and quiet and privacy." I said as I grabbed my phone and wallet. "Oh and, I don't look at him as meat, but since you brought it up and you already think I do, I might as well do it" I looked hungrily at Ryder and licked my lips.

Then I passed both of their stunned figures. I hugged Ryder's shoulders and firm chest from behind, standing on the tips of my toes in the process to reach his upper torso. I kissed his cheek and whispered seductively yet still audibly enough for her to hear.

"I can't wait for our dinner tonight" I rubbed his chest gently, brushing against his nipple, which to my shock I felt it hardening. I could feel my face flush red as a tomato because I didn't know I had it in me to be this bold.

But I was really pissed off.

"Oh and maybe we could stay up and watch a movie together just like last night" and I turned towards the door leaving both or them solid as statues.

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