Chapter 6

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I actually managed to fall asleep. Both of us did. After Hunger Games ended, and interesting looking movie started and neither of us made a move to get up or go to bed so we just lay there until we fell asleep.

I woke with a leg across my body, resting right next to my face. My limbs were a mess combined with Ryder's own, and the blankets - which I was now realizing that I didn't have on me when I first fell asleep.

I didn't make any move. I was hoping I could stay the whole day like this. Well minus the leg in my face. But it was clean so I wasn't repulsed by it.

A few minutes later, Ryder shuffled in his sleep and his foot was right in my face.

Ok that's enough "Wake up" I said then whistled then snapped my fingers as if I'm talking to a dog.

He mumbled something under his breath. I had to take an advanced measure, so I shoved his foot away.

"Huh? What"

"Your leg was in my face"

"Umphgh what time is it" Ryder asked groggily.

I checked my phone which was on the coffee table along with the scatter of plates and leftovers from the previous night.

"Uh it's 1:40pm" wow we really slept in. Good thing I didn't have work.

Ryder dropped to the floor when he heard the time. "Shit. Shit. Shit." he cursed as he picked himself up and rushed to his closet.

"What's the matter? Are you late for your work or something?"

"I was supposed to meet up with Jane at 12. Shit" he grabbed a change of clothes and went to the bathroom. A few seconds later I heard the water running.

I on the other hand, wasn't mentally prepared to do anything. So I closed my eyes and started to feel my eyelids grow heavy.

My eyes shot back awake with the slam of the bathroom door. Ryder was wearing pants that hung low on his waist, showing the waistband of his boxer briefs. Dragging upwards along his smooth abs, reaching a pair of firm pecs.

"At least close your mouth if you're going to eye rape me" Ryder smirked, surprisingly. I expected him to scold me for looking at him or yell at me for being gay.

"I believe I already told you that I'm indiscreet, and I will be enjoying some eye candy if I got the chance to."

He shook his head, and then tried to towel-dry his long black hair as much as possible, and then he tied it in a messy looking bun.

"Have fun" I said comically as he grabbed his keys and wallets.

"Don't worry about cleaning up I'll do it when I'm back" He said gesturing at the mess we made in the living room.

"No it's fine I'll have something to do at least" I said trying not to sound depressing but sounding anyway.

"Alright have fun then" the idiot said and left me alone.

I glanced around not knowing where to start or if I wanna start at all. I promise I'm not that depressing usually but I have my downs.

I decided it's better if I start by cleaning up the mess on the coffee table, which in terms of messes, wasn't a big deal. It took me around half an hour to clean it up and wash the dishes in the kitchen which is really small. It can barely fit two people at the same time. But it's better than it being in the same room with the beds, and also better than the dorm kitchens, which is comprised of just a microwave.

I gave the bathroom door a look. I kinda wanted to take a shower and kinda didn't. But then I made up my mind that it's better to keep a sanitary hygiene. So I decided to wash up after I finish my chores.

I went back to the sleeping area and made my bed. Then I was nice and made Ryder's. After that I grabbed my suitcase and started emptying the stuff into the closet.

Next I placed my guitar neatly on my bed. I opened its case and admired how much I like it. It made me happy and it brought me so much good memories.

It was Christmas break and Hunter was here for the holidays. He had to leave back for college soon. I wished that he didn't have to. His presence made me safe. Hunter was my anchor. He always showed me he cared, and always put me before anything else.

I was 16 where Hunter was 19. He wanted to study medicine and he got an almost full scholarship to one of the best medical schools in the country.

And our family not being one of the best families relationship-wise, he obviously took the chance and went ahead. Even though it meant we had to be separated and he would leave me alone at home, but I didn't mind as long as he was chasing his dreams. But it didn't really matter much because I was soon leaving for college too.

We spent the last Christmas eve together with dad alone. Mom had already left home 2 years ago and never even checked up on us once.

We had a tradition: Hunter gets me a small gift every year, and I bake him something every year.

That year was different. He didn't get me a small gift. He didn't get me anything as far as I knew. He didn't say anything or show me the small wrapped present. But I still baked him vanilla cupcakes because he loved them the most.

But when I went to my room after Christmas dinner, I found a guitar right there on my bed with a silver and red ribbon on it- Hunter's signature colours.

I was so happy I almost screamed of joy. I hadn't been that happy in years, and I wasn't happy the same way afterwards.

As it turned out, Hunter had to leave early on Christmas morning. That Christmas was the last time I baked something.

Hunter and I barely have time to talk now. He calls me every once in a while to check up on me. I have a feeling that he knows that I'm depressed but he says nothing. It's better if he doesn't say anything about it because I don't know how much I could hold up.

I picked up my guitar and sat on my freshly made bed and started strumming the cords.

After a while of playing indefinitely, I started singing along the chords of a song that I really like.

'Cause I know I can treat you better than she can
And any guy like you deserves a gentleman

I felt my eyes well up with so much pent up emotions that I was releasing into the song. I didn't want to breakdown so I continued.

Tell me why are we wasting time
On all your wasted crying
When you should be with me instead

A stray tear fell but I continued the song that I was determined to finish.

I know I can treat you better
Better than she can.

Then I noticed that I wasn't alone in the room.


"What's the barista from Crusty's doing here Rye?" Jane, Ryder's girlfriend spat.

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