10:And Continues

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"You saw nothing," Jane said through gritted teeth. "don't you dare say anything or I'll hurt you"

I really didn't think she was in a place to threaten right now.

"I'm pretty sure some guy's hand was petting your kitty" I said with an evil smirk, and internal disgust. Maybe I am gay after all?

She was boiling with anger and she stormed past me, presumably to Ryder's save-me-from-this-monster arms.

I followed her and found her just like I expected; crying in Ryder's arms, speaking something in his ears. Lies.

When Ryder saw me, his eyes widened then narrowed. His lips were in a thin line and his eyebrows were arched. He looked like he would tear me apart with his teeth, and not in a kinky way.

"What the hell man?!" he yelled above the music, which seemed to serve a form of background music to the scene Ryder was causing. "I tell you to befriend her and you go around accusing her of cheating? What a friend you are."

The few people who were dancing had their eyes on us, and were slowly forming a circle around us. I got that feeling at the pit of my stomach, and I know if it doesn't end soon, and if they keep looking at me like that, I was going to have a panic attack. I didn't want that to happens whatsoever, especially here and now.

I riled up what courage I had left. "I'm not lying. I saw it happen. Why would I even lie? I don't have any intentions"

Ryder's features seemed to soften a little, but they hardened and were reignited after hearing Jane's accusations. "You never liked me and for some reason you're jealous of what Ryder and I have"

"He's not lying" a voice crackled through the audience who were apparently enjoying the soap opera happening in front of them.

Everyone parted halfway forming an empty way, where Jack -Ryder's and the others' friend- stepped through and towards us.

He was freaking taller than Ryder, and Ryder was tall enough as is. Or maybe I'm just so short I see everyone tall? But either ways he was a bit thinner in physique. Ryder was much bulkier while Jack was kind of softer looking.

His dirty blonde hair was dishevelled, but he made it work. Jane glared at him equally as hard as she was at me. Ryder was in shock.

Vanessa and Tyler appeared from the crowd too. We were drawing so much attention that the music stopped and we became the life of the party.

"Why are you defending the nerd?" Vanessa pitched in. Tyler looked uncomfortable as hell, while Jack was staring him down like he was filth.

"I'm defending no one. But I too saw the same thing. Though I couldn't see who the girl was, but I definitely saw Tyler with her"

Jane's face was gonna release smoke any second. Same goes for Tyler. Everyone around us were murmuring and whispering stuff that I desperately tried to ignore. I was more focused on the relief I got from being removed from the spotlight.

By this time Jessy had also appeared. So it was Ryder with Jane hanging by his side, Tyler standing stiff on their right, Jack on my left, Vanessa on his side, and Jessy on my right.

"You're backing him up just because you want to get into his jeans" Jane accused.

"We all know you're a faggot just like him" Vanessa added.

Jack seemed unfazed by their accusations and shrugged. "Ok I've had it with all of your perfect social circle. First of all," he looked at Ryder "Your girlfriend is cheating on you. Second of all, it's with him" he pointed at Tyler. "Third and most importantly," he turned to Vanessa "If I wanted to fuck a guy I won't be waiting any of your approval" and with that he stormed out of Tyler's house. When it downed on Jessy -who didn't say anything the whole time- that Jack had left, she quickly ran after him. Not to bring him back, but to leave with him.

"They're lying man I would never do that to you bro" Tyler lied, Jane too.

"I'm out of here" I stated to no one in particular and left.

Emotions were surging through me. Mostly fear, anger, and pain.

I got whiffed by a cold bite of wind when I was out, the smell of petrichor filled my nose, and it helped calm me a little. But that was until I realised I'm on Tyler's house's curb. I didn't know how to get home, and I didn't have a mean of transportation other than Ryder's ride back. Ryder's ride, I laughed even though I didn't have it in me to laugh right now.

I circled around Ryder's car, wondering what should I do. I felt hopeless and cursed myself audibly for not driving here myself. But past is past and now I'm here stuck. I crashed to the floor, probably wetting my pants around the butt area. I didn't care. I leaned my back on the car and that was the end of my plan. I had nothing further planned so I was just going to wait.

Wait for when Ryder to decide to leave with Jane attached to his hip, sauntering her way around like the bitch she is.

Amidst my raging thoughts, a car honk pounced through the thin cold air. I didn't give it much attention as it probably wasn't aimed at me. When it honked again I fixed my glasses a bit and squeezed my eyes to get a better look at who's in the car, which was around fifteen feet away.


He waved me to get in. I didn't make a move to do anything. I think I saw him shake his head, and then he stepped out of the car, looking at me from above the hood.

A droplet of water lands icy on my nose.

"Get in" he yells in a not so hostile way. Very different from the usual silent Jack I know, and not the same as the Jack who was accusing Tyler of having an affair with Jane.


"Do you prefer to stay here on the ground? It's starting to rain again too. pLUS, are you really going to wait for Ryder to return you home after what happened?"

"How do you know I came with Ryder?" I asked.

"It's irrelevant but I see and notice stuff. Now get in you'll be freezing in a couple minutes. Hypothermia is not a nice thing" he finished and got back into his car.

I squirmed as I tried to get up, only now noticing that I couldn't feel my butt, nor my limbs. Idiotically enough, I didn't consider that cold and humidity are very bad for my asthma.

I clutched the door handle but it was slippery and I just couldn't get a grip on it, so he opened it from inside.

I dove right in, closing the door sturdily after me.

Jack speeds up in mere seconds. Less than a minute later, he turns on the heater, which I was thankful for.

"You're shivering a little" he noted. I was aware of my hands trembling from being on the cold ground for a while. He gently grasped my hand, sending a soft shiver up my arm, and placed it on the heater vent.

Were Vanessa and Jane right all along? Did he really want to get into my pants?

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