∞found∞ - √completed√ by -winchesterdawson
∞found∞ - √completed√by i’ll go home
~ "I lost you, but I didn't realize i did... until I was found." (fack)
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.: Friday I'm In Love :|: Reddie :. by ready_set_action
.: Friday I'm In Love :|: Reddie :.by castle.r.ock
'' All The World Loves a Lover '' ~:||:~ Reddie Instagram AU - - - Completed. Started 2/21/18 Finished 6/23/18 - - - Highest Rankings - #1 in Stephen King's IT #3 homo...
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Under Her Wing (Lesbian Story) by Paofantasy
Under Her Wing (Lesbian Story)by Pao
The young 15 year old Alex never fit anywhere. She hated everyone, she despised her foster family, and she loathed herself. Constantly being abused and neglected, it was...
  • mystery
  • love
  • kidnap
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Sorry, I'm Not Into Bestiality by IggyWasTaken
Sorry, I'm Not Into Bestialityby Iggy Williams
"Mate!" He growled, practically storming over and grabbing my waist. Placing my hands on his shoulders for support, I leaned back as he leaned in. "Wow! L...
  • realism
  • mutilation
  • homosexuality
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-Green- by Madness_Queen
-Green-by Queen of Wonderland
Y/n and her big brother Shiro are chosen for the Kerberos Mission. But everything changes as they got captured by Aliens called Galras. Luckily after a year they were ab...
  • homosexuality
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  • voltron
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He Is & He Was by LittleAuthorBigIdeas
He Is & He Wasby LittleAuthorBigIdeas
A Black Butler thriller: Sebastian is the demon in black, a monster in disguise while the world travels around him. He doesn't speak about his past and he doesn't know a...
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{Jyrus} Happy Feelings  by asherangel__
{Jyrus} Happy Feelings by •Person•
Please do not read this story if: You are uncomfortable with suicidal actions; Self harm, suicidal thoughts, popping pills, ect. You dislike sexual content; Sexual co...
  • homosexuality
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  • cyrusxjonah
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Prinxiety: Oneshots by TheFunnyGirl434
Prinxiety: Oneshotsby TheFunnyGirl434
Princey x Anxiety oneshots ranging from fluff to smut. If you are not okay with gay love, don't read this. ONLY WARNING!!! I don't own any of these characters. I give al...
  • sandersides
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  • homosexuality
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BoyxBoy OneShots by SecretPotatoxoxo
BoyxBoy OneShotsby SecretPotatoxoxo
Hey Guys so this was requested in my other book so here are some boyxboy oneshots based of different songs! Enjoy! ================================= *I got the cover of...
  • gay
  • queer
  • lgbt
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Girl-on-girl pick up lines that vary from Tumblr cliche to highly sexual. Innocent birds have mating calls; pussy devouring wolves have kinky pickup lines. TW: SEXUAL TH...
  • pickup
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Christian and an Ally | Why Being Gay is Okay ✓ by ACTrauth
Christian and an Ally | Why Being...by A. C. Trauth
{Book 1 in the Journey of Faith series} ❝Being gay is okay, and I think God thinks so, too. Won't you join me?❞ ✧✦✧✦✧✦✧ Of all the hot button topics in Christianity to...
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The Nerd Who Cried Boyfriend - A Percabeth Fanfic by noyaseeme
The Nerd Who Cried Boyfriend - A P...by i've got no jams cos i've got7
Annabeth goes to a mortal school; she's the complete opposite of what she is at camp. She's shy, nerdy (though she's nerdy at camp too), and quiet. The awful people at h...
  • caleo
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  • smutty
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Jercico one shots by morefordarmway
Jercico one shotsby Doll parts junkie
Just a whole bunch of threesome one shots
  • pjo
  • pipabeth
  • fluff
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Bad Boy Knows My Secret (BxB) by Strichdevil
Bad Boy Knows My Secret (BxB)by Strichdevil
Jesse's life drastically changes when one of his classmates overhears him coming out and decides to use this to blackmail Jesse, in exchange for his silence. Jesse's lif...
  • comingoutofthecloset
  • bxb
  • lgbt
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JAHS/ELEY by daslumpgoddess
It's been 24 years and I still don't know myself as well as I thought..
  • bts
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Eccedentesiast •NCT Mark Lee• by orphic_nefelibata
Eccedentesiast •NCT Mark Lee•by •MochiMin•
|BTS, RV & BP| Eccendenтeѕιaѕт [noun] -someone who hides their misery behind a smile "You see a smile gracing my lips but do you see my pain seeping through the cra...
  • angst
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Cops shouldn't play with bad boys (Septiplier boyxboy) by blueflamespirit1
Cops shouldn't play with bad boys...by blueflamespirit
yaoi boyxboy possible smut definite fluff don't like don't read
  • markiplier
  • septiplier
  • wattys2018
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LGBT Problems by kouturekatt
LGBT Problemsby ☓кαтт☓
this is a rant/collection book of problems and perks of being in the lgbt community enjoy!!
  • anythinginbetween
  • transgenders
  • lgbt
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demonic desires ~ taekook au by taestheticallysuga
demonic desires ~ taekook auby irene (gone)
  • jeongguk
  • magic
  • exhibitionism
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ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴡɪʟʟ, ᵇʸˡᵉʳ by mhadmax
ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴡɪʟʟ, ᵇʸˡᵉʳby ʲᵃʸ
❛ do you ever feel weird? ❜
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