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"Y/N, this is a party. Chill out, man," Camila told you as she brought in a bowl of popcorn from the kitchen, plopping down beside you on Ally's couch.

"I'm sorry, I'm just nervous for her," you apologized, wiping the anxious sweat from your palms onto your pajama pants. "And this is hardly a party."

"Hey," Ally interjected, entering the room with armfuls of board games. "My sleepovers can get pretty wild."

Camila snorted. "Yeah, I could tell by the Monopoly Junior box in your hands."

Ally just sighed, mumbling, "Lo loves Monopoly Junior..." while setting up the board. You and Camila watched in amusement until the doorbell rang and it startled Ally so badly that she jumped and scattered all the little pieces.

"I'll get it. It's probably Mani," you said, quickly walking to the door. It was in fact her, brilliant smile and all.

"Hey everyone," she cheerily called as she entered, receiving a 'hey' and 'hi, Mani' from the other two girls.

"Where's Lauren?" The darker girl asked as she sat on the floor, leaning against the couch.

"She's on her way. She just had to drop Taylor off at home," Ally answered, resuming her work on the Monopoly board.

"Where's Dinah?" Normani inquired, reaching behind her to grab popcorn from a stingy Camila, who kept moving the bowl from her friend's hands.

"Basketball tryouts," you supplied, becoming nervous all over again.

Normani noticed this and patted your leg in comfort. "I'm sure she's doing great."

Suddenly, Ally gasped and stood up straight. "Guys, I just remembered my old karaoke machine! We should set it up!"

You shook your head immediately. "Nope, no way. I've heard you all sing and I'm not going to embarrass myself by trying to compete with you."

"Oh, come on, Y/N," Normani pleaded. "We're not that good."

"Not that good? You guys should start a band or something."

"What if we did," laughed Ally. "What would we name it?"

"The Five Amigas," Camila suggested half-heartedly, more invested in her popcorn than the conversation.

"Boo," Normani jeered. "That's awful. I expected more from you, Mila."

"I don't think I would join a band anyway."

"Why not?" Ally asked. Camila opened her mouth to respond, but the doorbell cut her off. "That's Lauren," the shortest Latina exclaimed, rushing to open the door. She was greeted not with her girlfriend, but with yours.

"Geez, try not to look so disappointed, Smalls," Dinah quipped after seeing Ally's pout.

"How'd it go?" You asked her as she entered the living room.

"What, no hello first?"

"Sorry." You got up and gave her a hug, becoming concerned when she winced. "Hello, DJ. How did it go?"

"It was okay." She massaged her ribs. "Got fouled hard a few times though. Leah and Katrina had it out for me."

You sighed heavily. "I'm sorry about them."

"Nah, it's okay."

"It's really not, Dinah," Ally countered. "You need to report them or something."

Dinah shook her head and sat down right next to you. "We've been over this, it's fine."

"Damn it, Dinah. Stop being so stubborn for once." Normani pleaded, throwing her hands up in exasperation.

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