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"So, you're gonna ask her today?" Normani asked you in a hushed voice, trying not to alert your old history teacher of the conversation. You waited until Mrs. Evans turned back to the board to respond.

"Maybe today. I don't really know. I'm asking sometime this week though."

Normani nodded. "Yeah, you better. Homecoming is soon and I've seen some other girls eyeing Dinah."

"What? Who?"


You groaned. "Gross."

"Why do you hate her so much?"

"Long story."

The other girl glanced toward the clock on the wall and you followed her gaze, sighing when you saw there was an hour left in class.

"We have time," Normani whispered.

"Fine," you conceded, turning towards her. "I'll spare you the details, but we dated over the summer, and-"

"Wait, you and Becky were a thing?!" Normani exclaimed.

"Miss Hamilton! Quiet!" Mrs. Evans scolded, pushing up her glasses.

"Sorry," the girl apologized. When the teacher turned back to the board, Normani gave you a look that said keep going.

"So, anyway. We dated for two and a half months. It was kind of nice, actually, until I found out she cheated on me. With my cousin."

Your friend grimaced. "Why'd you go after her in the first place though?"

You shrugged. "We've known each other a long time. Even longer than I've known Lauren. I thought I could trust her."

"Damn, Y/N. That sucks."

"I've moved on. But there's no way in hell she's going to the dance with Dinah."

"Do you even have a plan?"

"I wouldn't really say a plan. More like an idea."

She raised her eyebrows. "Idea? Well, good luck. I hope she says yes."

"Me too, Mani."


"Oh, there's my favorite couple," Lauren chirped happily, walking up to your lunch table which was previously only occupied by you and Dinah.

"Shut up, Lo," you pleaded, feeling your cheeks heat up a bit. A quick glance at Dinah and you could tell hers were doing the same thing.

The green eyed girl smirked and sat down, then pulled the chair next to her closer. Ally came up soon after and plopped down in the seat that Lauren moved.

"Hello, beautiful," Lauren told her.

The shorter girl smiled and kissed Lauren on the cheek. "Hey, Lo."

"Wow, you guys get sappier every day," you teased, earning a glare from Lauren as she took her sunglasses off.

"Just wait until you and Dinah get to this stage. You'll understand then."

You kicked her shin under the table. "Who wears sunglasses inside anyway?"

She hung them on the collar of her t-shirt. "Bad bitches, that's who."

Ally slapped her arm. "And potty mouths."

"Bad bitches?" You asked mockingly. "Lauren, you are the biggest dork on the planet."

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