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She's Not Normal (Camren) by CrownedDirection
She's Not Normal (Camren)by ✖ljp ✖️
A small girl catches my attention one day during lunch and I can't seemed to get her off my mind. My new friends and others advise me to stay away from the brunette. I'm...
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Sorry Stranger! by ATAJauregui
Sorry Stranger!by ATA
A story in which Camila gets a fake number, but the right person. Camila and Lauren slowly fall for each other, all while their friends argue about food in their group c...
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My Guardian Angels (5h adopted me) by 5hadoptsfanfic
My Guardian Angels (5h adopted me)by 5hadoptsfanfic
Maddie Grace, a 13 year old girl who has been stuck in an orphanage for her whole life, finds out that her idols are putting on a small show in her orphanage. What will...
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Flower Child [ Adopted by Lauren Jauregui ] by DaisyField01
Flower Child [ Adopted by Lauren J...by DaisyField01
Adaleigh Rose has never in her life been anything but a gift to those who endure her presence. She is loved by all and has the spirit of a flower child. So why would you...
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defiance ➵ camren (FINISHED) by seasidecamila
defiance ➵ camren (FINISHED)by ♡
It's 2015 and society is messed up. Why are we born with two different colored eyes? I have no idea. Why do I keep being told that I am "destined" to meet my s...
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Rich but Sweet (Camren) *slowly editing* by camren_arianator
Rich but Sweet (Camren) *slowly ed...by Vic😬
What happens when the world's richest girl in the whole world falls in love with the new maid's daughter? Will she allow the other girl into her life or allow her to kee...
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By My Side // Dinah x You by lauready
By My Side // Dinah x Youby evan
No matter what happens, you'll be by her side. Dinah/You high school AU. Heavily featuring other 5h members.
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The Girl from the Bus (Camren AU)-*Discontinued* by omgalllybrooke
The Girl from the Bus (Camren AU)...by omgalllybrooke
Camila always saw the same girl on the bus. Even though they never spoke, Camila soon found herself intrigued by this girl. Will they end up becoming friends? Will the...
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Theirs [Fifth Harmony/You] by FFStories98
Theirs [Fifth Harmony/You]by Kenneth Ramirez
"You're Ours" They say I'm Theirs
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unexpected | camren au by schwanenkoenigin
unexpected | camren auby franzi
Bachelor AU: Camila is a contestant on the show, but instead of finding the Bachelor himself cute, she has more of a crush on her fellow contestant Lauren. She doesn't a...
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I'm A Mess ~ Camren by Dantanafantasy
I'm A Mess ~ Camrenby Dantanafantasy
Drama? Crush? Flirting? Love? Teen Pregnancy? Member of a girl group? How does one balance all of that? "I'm a mess but not when I'm with you."
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Runaway (Camila/You) (GxG) by hopium
Runaway (Camila/You) (GxG)by Wake Up In The Sky
Y/N, a 17 year old runaway from home, experienced life on the streets with various trials & tribulations before being discovered by her aunt and uncle. With them she sta...
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Mind [Fifth Harmony/You] by FFStories98
Mind [Fifth Harmony/You]by Kenneth Ramirez
'It's your intuition. Trust it'
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Different (fifth harmony/you) by xDaffyDuck
Different (fifth harmony/you)by Mickhaiah 🏌🏾‍♂️
Y/n was different. She/he was a secret...but why? This is my first fic so criticize me lol I need work 😂😂 Lord why are people reading this book anyway
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Living With 5H by FFStories98
Living With 5Hby Kenneth Ramirez
Book 1 I thought dealing with one roommate was hard but try dealing with 5 new roommates and to top it off finding out they're one of the biggest girl bands in the world
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Chicken Nuggets (On Hold) by ATAJauregui
Chicken Nuggets (On Hold)by ATA
Yes, this is really called Chicken Nuggets...you'll figure out why when you read. Text Fic; Dinah - You. Y/N's a little exotic. :) Dinah likes it. :)
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Back to me (camren) by halbijohn57
Back to me (camren)by Tia halbijohn
Lauren is going through pain after Camila left fifth harmony because she never got to tell Camila how she felt about her. SLOW UPDATES
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Better Together by ATAJauregui
Better Togetherby ATA
Sequel to Sorry Stranger! Camila and Lauren may go through some rough times, their friends may fall out and break up, and everyone may turn against each other...but they...
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5 Loves of my Life? (Fifth Harmony FanFic) by httptwiceexe
5 Loves of my Life? (Fifth Harmony...by http.twice.exe
Jane Marie Hart. A girl from England that can sing, dance, play any sport, and play any instrument. Her manager scores her a tour but she didn't expect these 5 beautiful...
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" Door stays Closed Camila " (camren) by Hollieadams66
" Door stays Closed Camila " (camr...by hollieee :)
Lauren Jauregui , a women with an unknown past lives alone, In a mansion, the only people who ever go in or out is her, and her servants. a new servant named Karla Camil...
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