The Hospital // Part 1

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After Ben's injury, you wanted to rush straight to the hospital, to be by your brother's side and support him, but that, unfortunately, wasn't going to happen. Your mother, thoughtful as always, sent you with Dinah to pick up your sister from a friend's house while she and your father piled into the ambulance. You tried to argue, but Dinah put an arm around your waist and led you to her truck.

"Where's Hailey at?" Dinah asked you once you were both buckled.

"My mom's sending the address now." You phone vibrated, and as expected it was a text from your mother. "It's on the same street as you. Two houses down."

"Easy enough."

Dinah quickly started up the vehicle and sped out of the parking lot, a sober expression on her face. The ride to the house was silent and cold, starkly contrasting the fun and bubbly evening you were having with Dinah prior. Luckily, you didn't have to wait on Hailey, as she was standing by the mailbox with her bags, looking confused.

"Why am I getting picked up early? Mom was kind of vague," she said as she climbed into the car. To accommodate three people, you scooted to the middle and had Hailey set her bags at her feet.

"Benny got hurt," you solemnly informed her.

Her face fell. "Oh."

Dinah put the truck back into drive. "What hospital is he at?"

You pulled out your phone. "Let me call her." You did just that, and your mother picked up almost immediately.


You put the phone on speaker. "Hey mom, we got Hales and we're on the way. What hospital are you guys at?"

"We're at the memorial hospital on 34th street."

Dinah shifts into drive at this, going at a probably illegal speed.

"Okay, thank you," you replied. "Any news?"

"We're in the ER. Thankfully he woke up on the way, which is a good sign. He's getting evaluated right now and they're probably going to do a CT scan to rule out any bleeding."

Your mother paused, and you could hear muffled talking on the other end.

"Okay, I'm sorry, sweetie but I have to go. Drive safe."

With that, she hung up, leaving the cab of the truck quiet.

"What happened to him?" Hailey asked, her voice small and eyes filled with concern.

"I didn't see it happen, but I think he got hit really hard and it knocked him out," you answered simply, not wanting to overwhelm her.

"Is he gonna be okay?"

You could only nod.

Twenty minutes later, Dinah wheeled into the hospital parking lot, parking close to the ER entrance. The truck had barely stopped moving when you and Hailey tore out of it, speed walking toward the door. Dinah wasn't far behind, jogging to catch up.

Before you went through the door, Dinah caught your arm, turning you to look at her.

"Do you want me to stay?" She questioned gently. "I don't want to intrude on your family, and there's probably gonna be a lot of people in here, so..."

"No, please stay. I need my girlfriend." You smiled slightly and she leaned in to kiss you. After breaking it, she took your hand and you all entered the hospital. Your mother was by the reception desk waiting, and seeming relieved when she saw the three of you.

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