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"Dammit, Ben. You know orange juice isn't good for you on game days," you heard you father say as you descended down the stairs. What a way to start a Friday. Upon entering the kitchen, you saw everyone was already eating except for you.

"Good morning," your mother called, standing to fix you a plate. You smiled in thanks and sat down beside your sister. Ben continued to drink his juice and your father glared at him in annoyance.

"There's gonna be a lot of scouts there tonight, son. You need to be on your best game."

Cole swallowed. "I will be."

The older man grumbled something and went back to reading the sports section of the newspaper. Your mother set a plate full of pancakes and bacon in front of you, then sat back down beside your dad.

"Are you coming tonight, mom?" Ben asked, wiping his fingers on a napkin.

She sighed. "Darling, I wish I could, but I've got a meeting with Janice and Tracy."

Your father's eyes narrowed. "Tracy? As in chili competition Tracy? She never should've won that ri-"

"Yes, dear. That Tracy," she interrupted. "Sorry, Benny."

Your brother's face fell. "It's okay."

Your mom put a hand on his arm. "But everyone else is coming. Your father and Hailey will be in the stands, and Y/N will be too, right?"

You nodded. "I'll be in the concession stand, but yeah, I'll be there."

"Concession stand?" Your mother asked, interested and confused.

"Yeah. I'm working it with, uh, Dinah."

"Oh, the girl you hang out with all the time? She's in your art class, yes?"


Your father nodded in approval, probably happy you'd go to the football game without protest. "You two have fun."

No one else spoke, so you decided to break the news of you and Dinah's homecoming plans.

"And, uh, I'm going to the dance with her."

A smile broke onto your mom's face. "Oh, as friends? Are Ally and Lauren going as well?"

"No, Dinah is actually my date. I really like her, mom."

"Damn, Y/N," your brother smirked, earning glares from your parents. "You did good. Dinah's hot."

"Ugh, Benjamin. Please be civil," your mother pleaded. "But I'm happy for you two. I'd like to meet her sometime."

Your father nodded in agreement, and your sister gave you a small smile. Despite the many flaws your family had, you appreciated their acceptance of Dinah. It meant a lot.

"Ben, do you have a date?" Hailey asked.

He shook his head. "No, not yet."

Your father clapped him on the back. "Even more reason to do well tonight. Girls love winners."


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