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"You're late," you called dryly out the window of your Jeep as Dinah finished locking up her front door.

"Sorry, Y/N. I had to help my mom finish dinner," she explained, hopping in the passenger seat.

"I don't want your excuses, Dinah Jane," you joked, now putting the car into drive. "We have an extremely important affair to attend to and here you are dilly dallying."

She rolled her eyes. "We're going bowling, not meeting the president."

You chuckled. "I'm just excited."

The drive to your local bowling alley was short, with you and Dinah arriving with time to spare. You parked next to Normani's familiar red beetle and slid out of the car, Dinah doing the same. Upon exit, the taller girl shivered and shoved her hands into her hoodie pocket.

"I hate the cold," she mumbled, quickly making her way up to the entrance.

"At least you have your jacket this time."

Dinah held the door for you and you thanked her, eyes searching for your friends. It didn't take long to find them, as Lauren called out very loudly to get your attention, earning a playful slap from Ally.

"Hey guys," you greeted to your four friends. A chorus of hey's and hi's ensued and beside you, Normani hugged Dinah, and Ally came up and embraced you.

"Careful, Y/N," Lauren warned. "Don't get too grabby with my girlfriend."

You pulled back, eyes wide. "Wait, girlfriend?"

Ally beamed up at you, arms still around your waist. "Yep. She asked me last night. We're official."

"Aww, Alren!" Dinah cooed, sweeping both Ally and Lauren into a hug.

"Dinah, Dinah, can't breathe," the shortest girl strained, and the Polynesian let the couple down, still smiling brightly at them.

"So are we gonna hug all night or are we gonna bowl?" Normani sassed, making her way over to the counter of bowling shoes.

Lauren snorted and followed her lead. "Damn, I like this girl already."

Dinah paid, took her shoes from the counter and sat to slip them on. "I see you're all acquainted already."

Lauren finished tying her left shoe and stood. "Yeah, we're best pals now. It's, uh, Normandy and Camilla, right?"

Camila cringed. "Not even close."

"Oh, silly Lorenzo," Normani said as the group migrated to their allotted lane. "It's Normani and Camila."

"My bad."

The rest of the group sat down as Lauren put in names, entering in Cameela, Norman, Deenah, Allysin, Lorenzo, and Y/N.

You frowned. "I'm just my name?"

Lauren smiled, standing to grab a blue bowling ball. "Yeah. It's boring, like you."

You picked out your own ball, going with a light pink one. "I'm not boring."

Lauren just shook her head at you as you both made you way to the rest of your friends. Camila was up to bowl first, her yellow ball propped up in her hand. Everyone else was sitting at a table chatting idly, save for Ally, who went to buy nachos. Sitting down next to Normani, who was talking to Dinah about a homecoming dress, you watched Camila throw her arm back and sling the ball down the lane, and into the gutter.

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