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Out of all the classes to have with Dinah, gym was your last choice. The uniform was awful, the other kids were either try-hards or snobs, and you were really, really bad at sports. But of course, gym was one of only two classes you had with your new friend.

Sighing, you sat down on the old gym bleachers, putting your bag beside you and tying your shoes. Your classmates trickled in slowly, all clad in the same light blue t-shirt and black shorts. Eventually, Dinah came in, smiling when she saw you. She made her way over to you and sat down, shoving her blue hoodie in her bag.

"How was your morning?" You asked, double knotting your left shoe for good measure.

She shrugged. "Pretty good. You?"

"It was okay. It's so much better now that gym is here, though."

Dinah chuckled at your sarcasm. "Yeah. Gym's the best."

"Listen up ladies," the teacher began, addressing your all female class. "Today is a free day, so as long as you're doing something, you get an A for today. Walking, jumping rope, I don't care. Just be active." With that, Mrs. Adams sauntered back into her office, sitting down and propping her feet on her desk.

"It's kind of ironic," Dinah said, "how the P.E. teacher is the laziest in the school."

You smiled at her observation. "Yeah, it is."

Around you, the rest of the students cleared out of the bleachers, some playing volleyball, some passing a soccer ball, and others just walking and gossiping.

"What do you want to do, Y/N?"


"Do you want to play soccer, volleyball, what?"

You shrugged. "I'm bad at all of them. I don't care."

Dinah stood, taking your left hand to pull you up as well. You stumbled forward, looking at Dinah with a puzzled expression.

"You like basketball?" She asked you, letting go of your hand.

"I-I guess."


Dinah grabbed a basketball from a rack, then started to walk toward a hoop in a fairly empty corner of the gym, motioning for you to follow. You complied.

"You know how to shoot?" She asked you, taking a three and making it.

You crossed your arms. "What do you think?"

She collected the ball and dribbled it a few times. "Okay, so no. You wanna learn?"

"Teach me."

"Alright. Let's see your form first."

She offered you the ball and you took it, dribbling with both hands once and taking a shot. The ball hit the wall about five feet to the left of the hoop.

Dinah tried not to chuckle. "That wasn't too bad, Y/N."

"Don't laugh!" You pouted.

"Okay, okay. Sorry." Dinah retrieved the ball once again, gently passing it back to you. "Try again, but only use one hand."

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