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Through the rest of the game, the concession stand got busier and busier, and you drifted farther away from it. By the end of the fourth quarter, you were back at the brick pillar you were standing by in the first place. As the game ended, the home crowd funneled out of the exits, buzzing with anticipation for the rest of the season, and satisfied with the Spartan victory.

Pulling out your phone and Dinah's number, you shot her a text.

You (9:47 pm): Hey, Dinah. Where are you?

She responded almost immediately.

Dinah (9:47 pm): Just gotta close up shop. Meet you at the west entrance in 10.

After calling your mother to make her aware of your plans (who was ecstatic you had some), you made your way through the lingering crowd to the west entrance as Dinah instructed. Not surprisingly, she met you there about ten minutes later, still shrugging on her thin light blue hoodie with a white Spartan helmet on it, and her worn brown satchel.

"You ready?" She said.

You nodded, following after her through the dark and mostly deserted parking lot. Dinah pulled out a key from her bag and held it above her head, a red pickup truck honking when she pressed the fob.

"So, where do you wanna go?" Dinah asked, pulling open the driver's side door and hopping in.

"I don't care," you replied, buckling up.

"I know a good diner on Main Street."

"Alright with me."

Your new acquaintance started up the truck and pulled out of the parking lot. You didn't say anything and neither did she, but the silence was not uncomfortable. It was gentle, welcoming, and kind. A bit like Dinah herself.

A short while later, the blonde wheeled her pickup into a parking spot outside of Joe's Diner. You'd never been there, which was a bit surprising, as you'd lived in that town your entire life.

Together, you and the taller girl walked into the empty restaurant and sat at a corner both. A far too perky waitress named Hailee took your orders. Dinah got an omelette with hash browns and water, and you got a hamburger with fries and coke.

"I think I've got you figured out," Dinah said suddenly, putting down her tall glass of water.

You cocked your head to the side. "Why do you say that?"

"You're totally an artist, right?" She smirked.

You nodded slowly. "Yeah..."

"And you like painting the most."

"Mhm. How'd you know?"

She shrugged, draping an arm over the back of the booth. "First off, you're in my art class at school, and second, you have paint marks all over your jeans."

You looked down. She was right, there were various colored stains all over the fabric of your light blue skinny jeans.

She continued speaking. "So, what else should I know about you?"

"I don't know. Not much else to me."

"Oh, come on," she scoffed. "There's got to be more to you than just painting."

"I like to read," you supplied.

"Yeah? What genre?"

"Most anything, really. But lately I'm on a John Green kick."

Dinah took another slow sip of her water. "Cool."

You shifted in your seat, turning to get a better look at her. "And what about you, Dinah?"

She licked her lips. "I like basketball, music, art, though sculpting is my favorite, and my family."

"So, you transferred, right?"

She nodded in confirmation. "Yeah."

"Why? Did you just move here?"

She bit her lip. "No... Not exactly." Dinah's usually warm tone had turned icy, so you decided to drop the subject, and try a different question.

"Why were you working concessions?"

Her warmth returned. "I need hours for beta club. Also free food and free football. And I met you, so it's worth it."

You blushed a bit, happy that your meals were arriving to distract Dinah from the slight change of color in your cheeks.

"Oh my god, this omelette looks amazing," she said excitedly, tearing into it immediately.

You did the same with your burger, laughing when Dinah cut her food too fast and knocked her water over, spilling it everywhere. The tall girl gave Hailee an apologetic smile when she came over to clean it.

"I'll tip her well," Dinah muttered as the server walked away.

Conversation lulled as you both ate. Shockingly, you finished your whole plate despite eating a hotdog earlier. Dinah was slower, a fourth of her food remaining on her porcelain dish.

"You're pretty cool," Dinah swallowed. "So you've got to have other friends, right?"

"Yeah. Ally and Lauren."

"Oh, yeah! The short one and the girl who always looks like she wants to kill everybody. They're in our art class too, right?"

You nodded, laughing at her perception of your green eyed friend. "Do you have any other friends?"

"Normani and Camila. Just those two."

You found it odd that Dinah already knew the two captains of the cheerleading squad but no one else.

"Well, consider it three," you voiced boldly, raising your glass of coke. "To friendship."

"You're dorky. I like you." She smiled and raised her glass in return and you clinked them together, taking a long swig after.

Dinah then finished her omelette, payed for both of your meals (against your wishes, but Dinah was stubborn), tipped Hailee generously and escorted you to her vehicle.

You checked the time once the car started up.

"It's almost eleven! This is the latest I've ever been out on a Friday night." You said, and Dinah laughed.

"I had fun. We should do this again."

You smiled, leaning your head back on the headrest. You hadn't realized until now how tired you were.

"Yeah, we should," you yawned, pulling one of your legs up into the seat.

Gazing out the window, you saw how bright the stars were shining. You never noticed how dazzling they were until you really looked.

"Y/N, hello, Y/N, come back to earth," Dinah called, waving a hand in your face. "Where's your house?"

You rubbed your eyes. "Pretty close, actually. Take two lefts and a right. I'm the third house."

Dinah obeyed your directions, and soon you two parked in front of your residence, an awkward quiet hanging over you like a blanket.

"So..." Dinah began. "I'll see you Monday?"

"Yeah, Monday," You confirmed, climbing out of the car. Once out, you walked over to her rolled down window. "Thanks for the hotdog, and the ride, and dinner."

She smiled. "No problem. See you later."

"Bye Dinah."

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