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Dinah hadn't spoken to you once in the three days since her lunchroom outburst, and you were beyond irritated and concerned. In every class you shared, she sat herself as far away from you as she could get, never making eye contact. She wouldn't answer texts, FaceTime calls, or anything else. The only people she talked to were the two basketball snobs that caused this.

It wasn't hard to figure out their terms. They were obviously homophobic, and probably didn't want any 'dykes' in their locker room. So, in order for Dinah to be accepted by the basketball team, she had to reject you.

You weren't sure if the rejection was permanent, or just a trial. Perhaps it was only hazing. But one thing you knew for sure is that it was driving you crazy. For Dinah's sake, you tried to tough it out, but every averted glance, dodged conversation, and ignored text pushed you closer to the brink of insanity.

"Y/N, you're doing it again," Normani tiredly chastised from across the lunch table. "Staring at Dinah and looking like a lost puppy isn't going to make her come over here."

You pouted, resting your head on your fist. "Maybe it'll work this time."

"Hasn't so far."

Sighing, you brought your hand down and let your head rest on the table. "I know."

Ally slid over, patting you on the back. "Don't worry, babe, I'm sure she'll talk to you soon."

"That's what you told me yesterday."

"Yeah, but she can't ignore you forever."

"I don't know, Als. Dinah is pretty stubborn," Camila cut in, making the short girl frown.

"Mila, you're not helping," Ally sighed as well, tired from the week. "I wish Lo could be here."

"I wish Dinah would talk to me," you groaned, laying all of your weight on Ally's shoulder.

She struggled to keep you upright, her voice strained. "Have you tried talking to her?"

You sat up. "Huh?"

"Well, you're sad Dinah hasn't talked to you. But you should talk to Dinah. Don't let her walk away. Make her have a conversation with you. I'm tired of mopey Y/N."

"Mopey Y/N is kinda cute though," Normani commented, and you couldn't tell if she was joking or not, so you just half smiled.

"Mopey Y/N is pitiful," Ally countered. "I want happy, smiley Y/N back. Go get your girl, damn it."

"Okay," you agreed. "She can't ignore me forever."

So for the rest of that Friday, it became your mission to get Dinah to talk to you. You were getting frustrated with your lack of opportunities, until right before last period, you got your chance.

Dinah stood by her locker in the empty hallway, rummaging through the mess, probably searching for a book she lost. Feeling bold, you stepped out into the open from your hiding spot and spoke.

"Whatcha lookin for, DJ?"

She froze in her place, obviously not expecting to converse with you anytime soon. "My sketchbook. It's been lost for a week," she replied shortly.

"That's because it's in my locker. C'mon, let's go get it together."

She glanced around nervously, as if she was concerned about getting caught.

"Don't worry," you soothed, "your little basketball groupies won't find out. I promise."

She frowned, but relaxed, and followed you anyway. "Are you sure it's in your locker?"

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