The End

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"Today's the big day!" Dinah cheered as she opened her truck door for you.

You knew exactly what she was referencing. The first girl's varsity basketball game was scheduled for later that day, and a pep rally was set for after lunch. Even more exciting was the news that Katrina came through, and the coach ended Dinah's suspension and cleared her for the first game. Obviously, this made your girlfriend beyond excited, and it showed as she picked you up for school that morning.

"Babe, all the other girls' boyfriends are making signs or painting up. The bar is high," she chattered, riding with the windows down.

"One, I'm not a boyfriend. And two, you really want me in front of all those people with my shirt off?"

Her face scrunched up. "On second thought, no."

"That's what I thought. I did make you a sign, though."

"Really? What does it say?

"Can't tell," you smirked.

"You're no fun."

"I know."

Dinah pulled into her usual spot beside Normani's red bug. Lauren's Harley Davidson occupied the spot next to her, where Camila's vehicle would've been. You looked to Dinah, expecting a frown, but she only smiled wider.

"Hey Lauren, I'm proud of you!" Dinah called as she stepped out of the truck.

"Why?" The dark haired girl asked, taking off her sunglasses.

Dinah slung an arm around her shoulders and began making her way into the building. "You're not parked in Barnes' spot today. This is what I call character development."

Shrugging, Lauren held the door for you and replied, "What can I say? Ally's changed me."

"I've changed what?" The short Latina asked as she struggled to put up posters.

Lauren looked on adoringly at her vertically challenged girlfriend. "Need some help, babe?"

"That would be great. Everything is just so... tall."

"Being tall is not all it's cracked up to be," Dinah sighed. "Shopping for pants is so hard."

"You think it's hard? These are kid's jeans," Ally retorted.

"Point taken." Dinah laughed for a second, then paused as if she remembered something important. "Where's Mani?"

"Emergency cheer meeting," Ally supplied, trying once more to hang up pep rally posters.

"What about?" Lauren inquired, amused by the shorter girl.

"They're trying to find a replacement for Camila."

Dinah gasped suddenly. "Babe, you should totally join!"

You only stared at her.

"Yeah, never mind. I forgot you're as uncoordinated as a baby deer," your girlfriend teased, kissing you on the cheek. As you blushed, the bell rang, and the group rushed off to their respective classes.


"Timeout!" Leah called as she crossed into her half of the court.

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