Chapter 9

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Demi's POV

I got up to see who was knocking. It was Joe. Crap. That's the last thing I need, the last person I want to see. This was so awkward. I was just laying on the bed making out with my girlfriend, and my ex shows up. AWKWARD. I looked back at Lexi who seemed oddly confused.

"Joe... What are you doing here?" He looked at Lexi, then gave an evil smirk. He was up to something. 

"Apparently, it is the new black to make out with your students?" Did he really just say that? I looked at Lexi whom looked as if she was getting aggravated.

"Joe. Go home. You have no right to be here. I'm not sorry I broke up with you. I regret ever dating you. Just leave me alone!" I tried to slam the door in his face, but he stopped it. He took a step closer to me and looked to Lexi smirking.

"So, she must be babysitting you? After all, it isn't like Demetria to be involved in these kinds of things. You must be paying her a lot. A babysitter who makes out with you? Hmph, picture that one. You think you're special because she chose to be... This... Then to be with a 'GUY'.."  The way he put the emphasis on guy ticked me off. My personal life wasn't anby of his busines. "Who could actually love her. Must be her new love is babysitting rather than singing." He walked away andI looked back at Lexi, who was clearly not in the best mood. She got up and walked to the window and watched Joe get in his car and drive away. She looked back at me and got up. Walking closer to me, she started to tear up.

"Babe, don't listen to him. He's mad that I broke up with him years ago. He won't just move on."

"Maybe he is right... You are just babysitting me... Dems... I'm in high school... You're a celebrity.. We both should've realized this would never work.."

"Lexi.. Don't say that. I love you, I chose you. Me being with you was the best decision i've made."

"No babe.... I'm sorry.... But... You should go.... Get back to your music, live the life of a normal person... You can't even take me out anywhere.. We stay locked up in this house, in this room. You don't deserve that. You should be able to go out, have fun, go bowling anything your heart pleases. But, you stay here, locked up inside these four walls. It isn't fair to you.."

She came up and put her arms around me, and I started crying. I couldn't lose her. Not now. Not ever. I don't care if I'm "locked up" as long as I'm with her. I am not letting her go.

"Lexi. I don't want to leave.. Please.. We'll get throught his. You'll graduate, and we can do whatever we want. I'm willing to wait until you graduate to start living again.." Wait.. What did I just say? Hold up...

"See, babe, you can't live anymore. You said it yourself. I don't want to do that to you. You deserve better than that." 

"That isn't what I meant..."

"Please Demi... Go... Live your life... I hope it's a nice one, because you deserve so much. I love you, and I always will. But I can't hold you back..." She walked out of the room and I saw her go outside and get into her car. I lost her. I can't stay here. Not now. I'm not giving up. I will leave for now, but this isn't goodbye. I wrote a note and left it by the roses I was given at the concert. I took off my necklace that I normally wouldn't ever take off except to shower, and set that by the note. Crying, I packed my stuff, and left.

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