Chapter 23

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Demi is leaving for her string of Jingle Ball concerts. I hate it when she has to leave. It hurts me. I'm so supportive of her, and I hope she knows that. I just hate it when she leaves because I know it will be a while until I see her again. I just wish I could go with her. Be with her. I love her. So much. It's been so long of us being together. It doesn't seem like that one to anybody else, but thinking about the hardships we've been through, it's been a long time. She's my Demi. My girl. My one and only. My princess. My angel. My everything. And eventually, she will be my wife. Shhhh. I didn't say that.
"Babe?" I yelled from the top of the stairs. I heard the door close but didn't see Demi anywhere. My mom is on a trip so I know it wasn't her. Hmm. "Demi? Demetria! This isn't funny!" I ran back to my room and locked the door behind me. I grabbed my phone and texted Demi. "Demetria Devonne Lovato! If you're scaring me like this, you need to stop nooooowwww!"
I waited for a response for about twenty minutes. I hadn't heard anything else downstairs but I slowly drifted to sleep.
**buzz buzz*
A text from Demi appeared on my phone. I was too lazy to open it so all I saw was "in meeting be home around 3..." Whatever was in the message besides that is a mystery for now. I fell back asleep for what seemed like five minutes but was really two hours. My phone said it was one. Ugh. Demi come home!

Demi's POV

I already had today planned. I'm with Marissa getting a few things to surprise Lexi with. I got a text and had an idea what she was talking about. It's 11am and I'm just reading the message, oops. I told her I was in a meeting until three. Well, yeah. It's a "meeting" to surprise my princess.
"Marissa?" I said with a smirk.
"Uh what?" She just looked at me.
"You scared the hell out of Lexi when you went to the house to grab my box."
"Oh.. shit! Is she onto us?" She was trying not to laugh. I could tell.
"Nah you're good. But I'll get like zero kisses when I get there."
"Dem, she'll be so happy when you give her the book, she'll be all over you." She mocked a kiss. Boy was I going to kill her someday. But she's right. Lexi will never be able to resist me.
We finished shopping, it's about 12:30. Now back to Marissa's to finish adding the finishing touch to the book. Or scrapbook really. I took my box of pictures including our meet and greet picture and put them into a scrapbook. Glitter and lyrics and pictures galore. I wanted to draw a nightingale in memory of her father, but when I practiced, Marissa took the book and refused to give it back until I promised not to draw it. It looked wrong. Oops? She did the drawing within the book. I glittered and put pictures in. 1:15. Crap. I have to get home fast. I gave Marissa a hug and headed home.
Being super quiet, or trying to be, I walked in and up the stairs. Lexi had the door locked, so I rushed to find my key. Where did I put it?! I ran downstairs and checked my coat pocket. Found it. I unlocked Lexi's door, thinking she'd be asleep or something as it was extremely quiet in there. But when I opened the door and yelled surprise, I was greeted with a girl holding a lamp and pledge. Welp. She can't use the pledge against me, that was Jennifer Lawrence's fault!
"Woah woah. It's me Lex!" I yelled quickly.
"Holy... Demi! You scared me like crazy! I thought someone was robbing us, then I came up here and am woken up by the door closing downstairs TWO HOURS before you're supposed to be home!"
"Oops? And you weren't robbed. It was Marissa. We went out and did this for you.." I handed her a box with the book in it.
"Demi? What is this? Oh my... Demi I love it!! I love you!! I.. I love it babe. Thank you soooooooo much." she kissed me and sat on the bed looking through the book. She was in awe. "I totally forgive you for scaring me like that." She said as I sat next to her.
"So you like it?" She nodded as I kissed her. It was the same fireworks I'd gotten before, but better. It's love. She is my love. "Lexi, come with me."
She looked confused.
"Come with me while I do my concerts. Please. Come with me. The label is cool with it, and you've already done all the work for the next month for school. So come with me."
She kissed me this time.
"So that's a yes?"
"I would love to Demi."
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