Chapter 16

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Demi's POV

I saw her walk into the choir room this morning and she looked so upset. It hurt. We got started and I couldn't help but notice she wasn't singing. She was so sad... Why? Was it still from this morning? I hope I didn't ruin her whole day. What did I do? 

"Lexi!" She looked straight at me. "You're in choir, you're supposed to be singing." I said it then smiled so she knew I wasn't mad. She rolled her eyes and still didn't start singing. Now I know she's upset. She quickly grabbed her stuff and walked out of the choir room. Crap. What did I do? "Madison, lead this song. Keep rehearsing!" I ran out of the room to find Lexi. I found her in the bathroom. She was sobbing. "Lexi?"

"Go away!" I heard her in the last stall. My poor baby. What the hell happened? 

"Babe... I'm not leaving." I slowly walked to the last stall and I found her books on the floor. "Babe, please talk to me. What happened?"

She didn't say anything. I got to the last stall and tapped the door.

"Lexi... Babe... Please unlock the door... I love you and I hate seeing you so upset... Please?" She opened the door and threw herself in my arms. She sobbed into my chest. "Babygirl... What happened? You haven't been this upset in quite some time... Did I do something?" She looked at me. The tears still streaming down her face.

"What? No.. Demi.. It wasn't you at all." She laid her head back on my chest, slowly starting to calm down. "It's them..." 

"Who babe?"

"The girls... Everyone... The guys... They're all laughing at me.. I don't get what I did so wrong to make them hate me so much.."

"Awh, babygirl... You didn't do anything wrong. I'm sorry they're doing that to you... But I promise, nothing they say is true..."

"Dem... Some of it is..."

"No it.."

"Yes! It is!!" She started to tear up again. "I'm so sorry babe... I didn't mean to shout"

"It's okay babygirl.. What are they saying?" She hesitated and I wiped the tears from her cheek. 

"They're accusing me of sleeping with you... To get the solos and good parts..."

"Babe... The only thing about that that's true, is that we're sleeping together. We aren't doing anything though. I wish I could just walk in there and yell at them. It's mostly choir students then isn't it?" She shook her head.

"Yeah.. Everyone else is just saying things about my weight, or my height, calling me a fat giant and stupid crap like that. But it hurts a lot."

"I know it does... Trust me.. I know.. But I'm going to help you get through this. I love you so much babygirl. I promise, it's gonna be okay. I mean, look at the bright side. It's your senior year, you turn 18 soon, and you get to see me every day. I say that's pretty bright." She chuckled and I kissed her cheek. "We should get back to the choir room. After all, you do have a duet you need to rehearse." She looked at me puzzled. "I'll explain when we get back in there. Come on." I grabbed her hand and helped her up. 

A/N::: Kinda short, sorry!! But I got a comment on the last chapter and it really made me smile. This has honestly been so great to write and I greatly appreciate it when I know that ya'll are enjoying it. You're all truly amazing!! Love you guys! Stay beautiful my lovelies!! <3 <3 <3

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