Chapter 29

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Previously on Love of a Lifetime:
A month had passed, and Lexi still hadn't woken up. I was terrified. The wounds were horrible, and I knew she needed a while to recover.
"Miss Lovato? Is her mother here?" The nurse had a concerning look on her face.

"Um no. She went home. Family members came in to visit Lexi, she had to go greet them. Why? What's going on?"

"We think.."

"Don't you say it." I am sure at this point I sounded extremely pissed. Some douchebags shot my fiancé, and now this nurse is going to say to pull the plug. F*ck no. I turned around...
I turned around and looked at Lexi. We were supposed to be getting married, and now, here she lies, fighting for her life.
"Lexi.. Please wake up.. I beg you! I love you, so much. Please lex... Babygirl... Lexi wake up!!!" I was sobbing at this point. The nurse had left, and I laid my head on the bed, holding Lexi's hand.
Demi? Demi are you there? Hey there princess. I am trying. I'm trying so hard to wake up. I just.. I could be with my dad right now if I don't wake up.. Demetria Devonne Lovato, I love you. I can't wait until our wedding.
**wake up**
"Lexi.. Wake up babygirl.. Please.."
I thought I saw her finger move, but I wasn't sure.
"Lexi?! Move your finger again babe."
She moved it again before her eyes slowly fluttered open. A felt the tears rolling down my face. My princess. She woke up!! Lexi woke up!! I kissed her hand and the monitor started beeping loud and fast. I cried for help and nurses as well as a doctor ran in. One nurse pulled me into the hall while they did what they had to do. Her mom was slowly walking, but once she saw me crying in the hallway, she ran. She grabbed me and held me tight. The doctor came out.
"We managed to get her heart rate under control. She is stable, but weak. We will keep her here for another week under full supervision, but after that, as long as she is still stable, she'll be able to go home."
Her mom and I both hugged the doctor. He actually hugged us back, and that's when I knew. There were people upstairs watching over us. Lexi's dad and Trenton. I looked up and mouthed a 'thank you' before going into Lexi's room. I ran to her bedside and kissed her hand.
"You... Mi...ssed." Lexi managed to get the words out, and I giggled. I kissed her lips, and watched a smile creep onto her face. Gosh how I love her. Lexi's mom and I both looked at each other smiling before we each grabbed one hand, then each other's hand. We just all kinda stared at each other, thankful to have our girl here.
"I.. I You guys.."
"We love you too, Lexi. So much." Her mom said on behalf of us both. I pulled out my phone and sent a quick tweet.
'Thank you for keeping her here. I hope you're having fun in heaven T. I love you. #RIPTrenton'
I watched as people retweeted and tweeted me #StayStrongDemiAndLexi. It was so beautiful how so many people could come together. People started posting selfies of themselves with their loved ones with the #Blessed after I posted a selfie with Lexi, her mom, and myself from a couple months ago. We will take over one day. One day.

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