Chapter 18

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I woke up and wondered where I was. I looked next to me and saw I was in my own bed.. Without Demi. I checked my phone and had one new message.

DEMI: "Goodmorning babygirl, sorry I'm not there. I love you. I'll be back around 11. xx"

ME: "Hurry babyyyyyyyy! I need your goodmorning kisses :( I love youuuuuu!!! xx"

I got out of bed and decided to have cereal for breakfast. I finished and went upstairs to get dressed. Of course, I went and put on a pair of leggings with one of Demi's hoodies. I slid on my converse and tossed my hair up. Sundays suck. It's the day before Monday and the last day of the weekend. I hate waking up before noon, but it's 10:30 and I'm wide awake. I went back downstairs to find my dad playing piano. I sat beside him and started playing with him. The sound of the four hands touching the keys so lightly, enough to make music you'd find in A Trip to Oz. I sat next to him, watching him play. I wish I could play like that someday. Hey, maybe I could even perform one day. More than just for school choir. Hah, just kidding, I could never be good enough for that.
"Wanna play?" My dad asked pulling me out of my thoughts.
"What? No.. I'm okay." I lied, I wanted to play so bad, but I had to think. What's going to happen when he leaves again? He said he's leaving tomorrow, unfortunately. I always hate it when he leaves, I'm always scared I won't see him again. But he's a strong, good man. And I know he's doing it for our country, but I want him home. Safe.
My dad pulled me into his arms, and I heard him let out a few tears. His phone went off and he had to take it. I watched him as he walked outside and answered. My face filled with horror. I could tell he was upset, and I knew why.
"Mommy? what's wrong?" my mom was crying, and I didn't know why. But my dad just hung up the phone and he was holding mommy. "Daddy? Why is mommy crying?"
"Come here babygirl" I sat in her lap and she kissed my forehead. "Daddy is going to be leaving for a little while. Okay?" She cried more. "But you'll still have me baby, I promise. And daddy will come home soon." I cried a lot. I hopped down and hugged my daddy's leg.
"Don't leave me daddy! You can't go!" He gave me a hug, and gave my mommy a kiss, ew, and walked out the door with a small bag packed.
That was the last time I saw him for months.
He's leaving again. Only I don't think it'll be tomorrow like planned.
My mom came down and asked where my dad went. I nodded to the door, trying to hold back tears. So far, I'm succeeding. She looked at the floor with a horrified look on her face. She knew as well as I did what was happening. They were taking my dad. Again. How come they can do that? 18 years old, and still don't get why they can just take him from his family whenever. It's not fair.
My dad hung up and came in.
"They're calling me back.. I'm sorry guys.. So sorry.." Aaaaaaaaand the tears came rolling. He came over to hug me, but I pushed him away. He looked hurt but I didn't care right at this moment. I just wanted to be alone. I ran to my bedroom and locked the door. I could hear my mom's sobs, and that's when it hit me. I can't be mad at my dad. It isn't his fault. And I need to stay strong for my mom. I mean, she's hurt too, but besides me, she doesn't have an extra support. Me, I have Demi. But her only other extra support besides me, is leaving. Again. I unlocked my door and ran downstairs, hugging my mom and dad. We stayed like that for what seemed like forever but was only a few minutes. All three of us crying. My dad told us his flight left in two hours, and I hated it. Everything about it. He packed what little he brought, and set it by the door. He gave me an envelope that had "open when ready" on it. I didn't know what that meant. But I knew it wouldn't be any time within the next few days. He gave me a hug and kissed the top of my head. I never really been one to go to church, even when my parents begged me to go with them, but when it comes to my dad leaving, I would pray a lot for his safety. I would pray that God would bring him home to my mom and I, and that we'd live happily. I'm glad he was here for my 18th birthday, but I'm not glad that he has to leave again. He gave my mom a hug and they kissed, which I chuckled because I remember saying how gross kissing was when I was little. Oh how the time flew. I went in and we all hugged some more.
"I have to get to the airport soon, but I want you guys to know, that no matter what, I will be here for you. I love you both so very much. Lexi?"
"Give this letter to Demi. Would you?"
"Yeah, I will."
He smiled and handed me Demi's letter, and my mom an envelope, very similar to mine. This was it. He was really leaving again. Part of me hates that he keeps reenlisting, but part of me admires his bravery.
We drove to the airport, talking and laughing about memories we had. Sure, my dad wasn't always home, but there were lots of memories. A lot of them were embarrassing. My phone went off and it was a text from Demi.

DEMI: "Hey babygirl, I got a little held up. I won't be home until one. But I love you. MUAAAH!! xx"

ME: "Okay baby, we are headed to the airport anyways. I love you too. xx"

DEMI: "What? Why?"

ME: "they called my dad back early.. :'( "

DEMI: "I'm so sorry sweetie. :( "

ME: "Just hurry. Okay? I need you rn."

We were at the airport and my dad's flight left in 20 minutes. People were already boarding the plane. We all gave hugs and my mom cried as he left. I hugged my mom, and I drive back home. My mom was in no state to drive at this point. She looked tired, you could tell.
We got home and she went and lied in her bed. I went to my room and cried myself to sleep.
"Baby, wake up. I'm back." Demi was sitting by me, rubbing my back until I woke up. I instantly sat up, and laid my head on her shoulder.
"I love you so much. Okay?" she said it and I looked up, and just admired her. Her eyes, her lips, her.
I placed my lips on hers, and felt the sparks. The fireworks I feel everytime we kiss.
"I love you too baby" I responded, laying my head on her lap. "Dems?"
"Can you help me with something?"
"What is it?"
"Well.. Graduation is like a month and a half away... And my teacher was asking the classes if any seniors wanted to perform a song.. It's sort of like the senior spotlights at our concerts, only it's a chance for us to have one last moment on that stage.. But I was wondering, will you help me prepare something... I want to sing.. But I don't know what song.."
"Baby, I would be glad to help you." She smiled and leaned down and kissed me.
"Good because I want to sing one of your songs."
"Which one?"
"I don't know yet. But I will let you know by the end of the week."
"Okay sweetie."

The week passed, and school sucked as always. I still hadn't chosen a song, luckily Demi hadn't asked. I pretended to forget.
A month later, I still had no idea what song I was singing. I kept changing my mind. Graduation is two weeks away, and I'm already signed up to perform I just don't know what song. Ugh, this is complicated. It needs to be simply, perfect! I walked home from school to think, Demi was busy with meetings, and my mom was working. We'd gone back to our pretty normal lives since my dad has been gone. Little did I know, my life was about to go back into the sad state it was in a month ago. One phone call. Two words.
A/N: Hey there loves! Sorry for the late update! major writer's block! I have an idea for the next chapter though. Hopefully it'll be up soon. What do you guys think is going to happen? What song should she sing? Anyways, till next time, stay strong. I love y'all!

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