Chapter 30

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A/N-- So I think I'm going to wrapping up this fanfic. I'm going to work on my Demi/Lauren one after that. But if yall have any ideas of what I should write, lemme knoooow!!! Thank you guys for all the love and support these past thirty chapters. It means an incredible amount to me. I love you guys!! <3
Lexi's pov

Since I woke up, Demi and my mom haven't stopped talking. But I don't mind it. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with these guys. I miss my dad... That's the only part of me missing.
"Demi? Mom?"
"Yeah?" They both answered at the same time.
"Don't laugh. But I need you to take a picture of me on my phone then give me my phone."
They took the picture, and gave me my phone. I tweeted the picture.
"So incredibly blessed. We can never give up. I love you guys so much. pic.twitter.678ghs642"
The picture was of me with my thumbs up. Although I still had machines hooked up to me, I wanted to reach out to my fans. Before I knew it, #WeLoveYouLexi was trending and I went to the hashtag to find millions of Lexidolls with my picture as their icon. The picture I just posted. I read that they were all doing this to support me and it made me smile so much. I love my dolls.
"Mom look." I showed her the phone and she smiled.
"I told you that you could do it. That you would make it. That you'd someday have your own fans." She kissed my cheek and went to get coffee.
"Demi.. I love you."
"I love you too princess"

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