Chapter 7

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I went and told the principle I would substitute for the choir teacher. She seemed overly pleased. The next day I walked into the choir room and everyone instantly hushed. After 5 minutes of silence, one girl finally spoke up.
"You're... You're Demi Lovato..."

I smiled and and told them that I was there to fill in. They high fived  each other and cheered. I asked them what songs they had been working on and they told me one. One song. That's all they were doing?! I looked at Lexi, and smiled. She looked so beautiful. Her hair was curled, and she was wearing a spring green top. No. I had to focus. They have a concert in 3 weeks. They have to have more songs. The only way to pull it off is to arrange songs they would know.
"I don't know for how long I'm here, but for your concert, you will do more than one song." They looked at me like I was crazy. They turned to each other giving each other the 'we will never pull that off look'. "I know we only have 3 weeks. So we will have to do some songs you guys already know. Can anyone play piano or guitar in here?" Four hands went up. Good. That will help. "Okay, so we will have at least 4 songs. So we need 3 more. Any suggestions?" Everyone just looked at each other. Then Lexi put her hand up. "Lexi?" Everyone looked at her.
"Can we uhm.. Can we do Don't Stop Believing?" She seemed so shy, probably because she was in front of 60 other students.
"Of course b.... Lexi.. That is a wonderful idea. Anyone else?" Nobody answered. "Okay.. Well, go home, think about it, and let me know tomorrow. Lexi, can you stay after class? I want to discuss you playing the piano during this song." She knew I loved the song, and she knew I could help her learn to play it. Everyone left and she came and stood by the piano.

She looked at me smiling, "You look amazing Babe." After she said that I blushed. I could feel it. She giggled and I bit her lip. "Baaaabe, don't do that!! I can't kiss you here!! That's like torture!"

Now I was giggling. "Lexi, I know you picked this song because I like it. But besides the point, I want you to play piano and sing a solo in the song. Do you want to?" I was sitting at the piano, and she winked and leaned in to where it looked as if she was trying to see the music.

She whispered 'I love you' in my ear then quickly kissed my cheek before going into my office. She grabbed a pass and I filled it out so she wasn't in trouble for being late to class without a pass. She left and I couldn't help but watch her walk out and smile. How could she be so beautiful?

I drove home and Lexi was following behind. As soon as I pulled in I waited for her to get out of her car then kissed her. The house wasn't near anyone, so we didn't have to worry about people knowing. We went inside and she saw a note from her mom saying that she went grocery shopping and to visit a friend and would be back in a few hours. We had the house all to ourselves. We went to the piano and after playing through Skyscraper, I pulled out the music for 'Don't Stop Believing' that I had found at the school. We started practicing and were kissing when her mom walked in.
"Okay ladies, I'm home. No more making out in the living room!" She said laughing. Not realizing it had been a few hours already, Lexi's face turned 10 different shades of red. I'm sure mine did as well. She came over and took a look at what we were working on then had us help her put stuff away.

We went up to Lexi's room and laid on the bed. We were just cuddling but then Lexi looked at me and bit her lip. I went to kiss her but she pulled away.
"Did I do something?" I thought back to earlier when I had bit my lip knowing she couldn't kiss me. This was her revenge. "Babe!! I know what you're doing! This is payback for earlier." I leaned in to her ear whispering, "I'll get you later.." And winked at her before going into the bathroom.

A/N: So I'm really getting a ton of ideas on where this will go, and I really hope you guys are enjoying it! Sorry of the chapters are too long or too short. I write until I feel that I've gotten to a good point to stop. Love you guys!! ♥

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