Chapter 26

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hopefully by July 1st, I can update twice a week. I have gotten so many reads and positive comments, and it keeps me writing. I love you guys!! Enjoy Chapter 26!
Lexi's POV
"Yesss!!!" I basically just squealed. Demi and I are engaged. Like, we are getting married. Wow. Holy shit. I'm engaged to the most perfect human being on this planet.
"Yeah, she proposed! I'm so excited!" I was on the phone with my mom who has been traveling a lot lately. She started in Ireland, but is now in Africa. She has been sending me a lot of pictures, and I'm soooooo jealous! I would love to travel the world someday with Demi. Ugh, I love her so much. I already have an idea for the wedding, I wonder if Demi would like it? Hmm I'll run it by her later.
We were laying in bed, well, Demi was sleeping, I was laying here. All I could see were visions of different weddings. The night was silent, and all was well. Demi is asleep, so I am going to go for a walk. Try to tire myself out. I didn't know that anything bad would happen.

I slipped on my hoodie and closes the door quietly. It was calm out here. Clear sky, bright moon, what is there to worry? I got about two blocks over and decided to walk home, I'd been out for about a half hour, and I don't want Demi to wake up and worry if I'm not there. So, heading home, I was thinking about the little things. The trees, the crickets, the owls, I think I even saw a frog. It was silent, until a car sped up until they were behind me, and slowly followed me for another block.
"F**king lesbian! You're going to hell! God hates gays!" *bang bang*

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