Chapter 10

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Lexi's POV

I came back to my house completely empty. My mom left a note saying she had gone out, and Demi was gone. I ran upstairs and found a note and her favorite necklace on the stand by her roses.
"Babe... I love you so much... I didn't want to leave, but I didn't want to stay and have you be more upset at the sight of me. I am never leaving you ever. I left my necklace here for you. You don't have to wear it, but I wanted to make sure you knew that no matter what, I would love you. I'm never moving on unless you do first. I love you baby. ♥Demi" I miss her already. She was the light in my life. Why did I make her leave? What did I do?

*few months later*

It has been almost 2 months since Demi left. I miss her so much. I kept everything and put it into a box. It was only February and I couldn't wait for school to end. I heard a knock on my door and yelled for whoever it was to come in. It was my mom. Great. She's been there for me since Demi left. I feel like she's being overprotective a little though. She gave me a box and left. It was a green box. I opened it and saw a black box and a card inside. " I meant to send these a while ago, but I couldn't get the card right. I guess I finally figured it out. Anyways, I love you Lexi. You'll forever have my heart. I miss you beautiful!" I bursted into tears and looked in the black box. It had a necklace that had 'forever' engraved on the front of it. It was beautiful. I put it on and grabbed my phone. I still had Demi on my Skype list, so I called her. This would be the first time talking to her since she left. I knew there would be tears.

As soon as I called, she picked up. Thank god.
"Hey Dem.."
"Hi there Lexi.."
"I got your gift. Thank you so much. I love it."
"I'm glad."
"Demi...." I started to tear up."Babe..." Wait. I just said babe. She is probably going to think I'm stupid. "I miss you...."
"I miss you too beautiful. I miss talking to you everyday. I miss helping you learn to play piano. I miss kissing you. I miss everything."
"If I asked you to do something... Would you do it?"
"What is it baby?"
"Come back... I love you... And I can't stand that I asked you to leave..."
"Lexi... Do you really want me to? I hurt you..."
"There's nothing I want more."
"I'll do it.. I love you babe.. I was never leaving, please know that. I just didn't want to stay there and make you feel like you had to be with me.."
"Just come back... That's all I want... That's all I ever wanted since you left." We said our goodbyes and I went downstairs to tell my mom. She looked really happy about it. I'm glad she wasn't mad I asked Demi to come back. Demi text me and told me the next flight was for tomorrow, so after school I was going to go wait for her at the airport.

A/N: Sorry this was another short chapter. I hope you guys are really enjoying this! Stay beautiful!! Love you all!!♥♥♥♥♥

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