Chapter 22

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Demi got the producers to sign me to their record label and I got started right away. Well, I could only record for a few hours each day with college and all, but still. I am so excited. I can picture it. My album. My fans. It's crazy. I've dreamt of this before, but I never thought it would actually happen. After seeing the video of me singing Skyscraper at the concert, there wasn't any hesitation! Demi released her album, and there was a song she was featured on. It wasn't actually her song, but her and the artist talked and then all that fun stuff happened. It reminded me of when her and I broke up a while ago...

Three weeks had passed, and between college and writing/recording, I was busy. It's all so worth it though. I mean, my own album. Like, that's crazy! I've been writing songs since I was 15, and now I finally get to put them out there for the public. Wow.

Demi's POV

Lexi was so happy lately, which made me happy. We still spend a lot of time together, but it's hard. I'm going to be traveling soon for concerts throughout places but she can't go now, which sucks. But we have Skype and stuff, so we will get through it. We always do. I've only heard a few songs of Lexi's, but they were good. She's gotten quite a few followers on twitter lately, which she still screams about now and then. Her and I often get on twitter and follow a few lovatic accounts and watch them freak out. It's so cute. I'll never forget the day I followed Lexi on twitter. It was like two weeks after we met and she FUHREAKED. It was adorable. She's such a fangirl. But she's mine. And I love her. I can't wait until the day we get married because that day will be amazing.

A/N: This is a short chapter just to give y'all an update on these two. I haven't updated a lot, sorry! stay strong babes xx

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