Chapter 14

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Nobody's POV

The weekend had passed and Demi started working with the choir on Monday. Lexi had come down with a cold so she was at home sick. Demi was also working on her new album, and had decided that she would do one last tour before 'retiring'. She talked to management and they decided it would be a world tour since it was her last. She decided that this tour was definitely going to be her best yet. When she decided to retire, she also decided to start her own record label and self-produce singles periodically. Demi had talked to Lexi about it and they both agreed, that with Demi not being constantly in the spotlight, they could go out more.
Texting conversation between Demi and Lexi.

"Hey baby(:"

"Goodmorning sleepy head(:"

"Why didn't you wake me this morning before you left?"

"Because you needed sleep. Lexi, you aren't going to get better if you don't sleep at night."

"But baaaaaaaabbeeee, cuddling with you is so much more entertaining!"

"Awh, poor baby. I guess we'll have to stop cuddling so you can sleep. Because I want to kiss you again, but I can't when your sick :("

"No!!!!!! I want to cuddle, if I can't kiss you, I have to cuddle with you. If I don't then I'll be lonely. :')"

"Awwh, I would never let my beautiful girlfriend be alone. I just threaten it so I can hear her beg. ;)"

"I do beg... I beg all the time.. Why do you think you're still cuddling with me? I begged you to do that."

"You didn't have to beg. I would've done it anyway!"

"What?! You said you wouldn't because I was sick! :'( This isn't fair. Why do I have to be sick? I miss your lips."

"It's so adorable when you beg! I couldn't help it! I love you baby!"

"Yeah. Sure you do. You wanna see begging, you'll be begging tonight. ;) Love you!"
*end texts*

Demi had finished everything she needed to do, and went home an hour early so she could surprise Lexi...

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