Chapter 17

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Demi's POV

Today is my babygirl's birthday and I'm so excited to give her my present. I hope she likes it. I've been working on it for forever!! It's all worth it though. Luckily, it's Saturday so I get her all day long. Ahh, how it feels to just be able to wake up and see her cute angel face asleep next to me. How did I ever deserve this? I am always watching her sleep. I watch her sleep for at least 10 minutes every morning before waking her up. She's just so beautiful, and adorable, and did I mention perfect? She is also 18 today. I remember when I first met her last summer. That day, was when I knew, I'd never let her go. She would be mine forever. It's been 9 months already. Where did the time go? While she slept, I went downstairs to make breakfast. I heard her coming down the stairs just as I was finishing cooking. She came in and wrapped her arms around my waist and kissed my shoulder.

"Happy birthday baby." I said to her as I turned around. She smiled and leaned in for a kiss. The touch of our lips, sent a sensation through me I couldn't begin to describe. I leaned back and smiled and she rested her head on my shoulder. "Babe, I gotta finish breakfast. I don't want to burn it on your birthday, we don't need any fires."

"You're hot enough to start your own fire" She said to me and bit her lip. I giggled and finished breakfast.

After we ate, I took her to the mall so she could buy whatever she wanted. Afterwards, we got starbucks and ate lunch. She bought a new necklace that looked absolutely gorgeous on her. I already had my plans set up for our date tonight, and I am hoping she will love it.

Lexi's POV

Demi took me to spend my birthday shopping. It was great. Although, I'm extremely exhausted, I was up thinking about this day all night. I hate my birthday ever since my dad left to serve our country. I mean, I know he cares, I just wish he was here to help celebrate. At least I get my baby here with me though. It means everything to think about how much she has stuck through with me. Nobody has ever put that much effort into any type of relationship with me. Demi is literally everything to me. Hmm.. Lexi Lovato.. That could take some getting used to. At least I have a while though.

The day seemed to pass by very quickly. It's only 8 at night, but it feels like 11. Which is still kinda early but whatever. I'm exhausted. We are finally home and I plop onto the couch when Demi sits on my lap. I smile at her and we both lean in to a kiss.

"Hmhm" My mom walked in. Great. I thought I'd miss the happy birthday singing and cake.

"Hi mom. How was your day?" I asked hoping maybe she'd give me a break. I'm eighteen. Not twelve. Buuuuuuut my girlfriend on the other hand, has a really childish side, but it's another reason I love her.

"It was good. I've been out shopping all day." She turned to Demi. "Hey Dem, thanks for making sure she was home." Demi giggled and got up, pulling me to the table.

"Uhhh. Mom? Babe? What's going on?" I had a feeling something like this would happen. My mom and girlfriend ganged up together for my birthday. Crap. I can only imagine what they've planned. "Guys, ya know, I told you not to do anything spectacular for my birthday."

"Oh I know." My mom said it all chippy. Awkward. "You've been with Demi all day, and I knew she'd tire you out." She winked at Demi and Demi blushed. "So you don't have a party or anything. Lucky you got out of it." She was joking. My 18th birthday, with no party? Was she on something?

"Then what is going on?" Just as I said on, Demi put her hands over my eyes and stood behind me. I could tell it was her because 1)the scent she has is mesmerizing and I could smell it a mile away, and 2)my mom was just in front of me. They started singing happy birthday and then Demi uncovered my eyes. He was there. He was really standing there. I ran up to him and gave him a hug to make sure he was real. He was. My dad was standing in front of me. He wasn't supposed to make it back for my birthday. "You.. You're here.. You're really here.. You said you.."

"I promised I'd be back to see my little girl turn 18. Didn't I?"

"This is the best birthday ever. Thank you all so much." I motioned for my mom and Demi to join the hug then we laughed and played games the rest of the night. We had a grand time singing and dancing. My dad brought me a present, but insisted I opened it alone. We stepped onto the front steps and he pulled a box out of his pocket. I opened it and inside was a charm bracelet. It had one charm on it. It was a piano charm. I looked at him almost in tears. "Dad, you didn't have to get me anything.." I smiled and hugged him after putting it on.

"You're mom told me about how you'd taken such an interest in piano while I was away." His eyes looked so happy as he told me. "I always knew you had a talent for music. It's in your genes." He could tell I looked confused. So he motioned me to follow him inside. He sat down at the piano and started playing. It was the first song I ever learned. I never knew why, but my mom wanted me to learn it. So I did. Tears filled my eyes as I say down with him and played the second part. We finished and I hugged him again. Demi and my mom came over and hugged us. This was seriously the best birthday anyone could ask for. My dad came home, my mom hadn't forgotten like I thought, my girlfriend is here. This was all just amazing.

My mom and dad went to bed while Demi and I sat on the couch together. I smiled at her and she moved onto my lap.

"Let's try this again?" She said smirking while she leaned in and kissed me.

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