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Run Over (Demi Lovato FanFic) by _syd__lovatic_
Run Over (Demi Lovato FanFic)by sydney
What happens when Demi accidentally hits runaway foster child delinquent Jordan?
Sarcasm Is My Weapon-Demi Lovato- by Denise46L
Sarcasm Is My Weapon-Demi Lovato-by Denise46L
Adison is probably the most sarcastic, fearless student in school. She absolutely hates her sports teacher miss Lovato. Will they ever get along? If you're sensitive to...
Unknown Number💜🏳️‍🌈 by bossdlovatoo
Unknown Number💜🏳️‍🌈by Bossdlovato
Y/n is a 16 year old girl that wants to have a normal life just like everybody else around her. But normal is just not on her side. Y/n gets weird texts from an unknown...
Only You | A Jemi Love Story by Jonas_Lovato_1D_5SOS
Only You | A Jemi Love Storyby Becca
Demi thought she was in a happy relationship with her boyfriend when suddenly things got turned around one day forcing more than just a break up.
The Journey to You - A Nemi story of their life together💕 by demisfannypack
The Journey to You - A Nemi syd (:
A Love Bound Story of Nick and Demi's journey, full of Love, Passionate Sex, Challenges, and Family. From the time they are teens to when they have a family of their own...
Bully's Baby (Ageplay) by MommaUnicorn
Bully's Baby (Ageplay)by Alex Jackson-Smith
What happens when you become the Boss's Baby
mommy? -Demi Lovato- by Denise46L
mommy? -Demi Lovato-by Denise46L
Demi Lovato, married to Kehlani, has 3 daughters. Robin who's 7 and twins. Lilian and Olivia who are just 4. They're such a happy and cute family, the only problem is th...
I'll be your Nightingale by lostboikai
I'll be your Nightingaleby Kai ;)
{Book number 1 in my series-Our Little Adventure ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Paige is an adorable 3 year old girl with curly blonde hair and gorgeous dazzling grey e...
Warrior (Demi Lovato's Sister) by hahahlovethis
Warrior (Demi Lovato's Sister)by ~Mel~
Growing up Demi and Riley had a close relationship. But as they grew older and Demi moved out, and was gone more Riley and Demi's close relationships crumbled down, but...
My Foster Parent is Demi Lovato (MFPDL) (COMPLETED) by MusicalMutant
My Foster Parent is Demi Lovato ( 📖
Gracelyn Young is a 5 year old girl who has been at the world adoption center since age 4. It's not that her parents didn't want her but her dad walked out on her mom an...
My shining star adopted by demi lovato by unforgivenprincess8
My shining star adopted by demi Tahlia
What would you do if a baby was left somewhere? This is a question the one and only demi lovato faces. Little maya just under a year old is unwanted by her parents stra...
He Told Me Not to Tell (Demi Lovato Adoption COMPLETE) by lovatic-penguin
He Told Me Not to Tell (Demi Lovatic-Penguin
She looked down and started crying again. "Sweetheart, talk to me," I begged. She looked back up at me with fresh tears in her eyes. She slightly shook her hea...
Temporary Home? (Demi Lovato COMPLETE) by lovatic-penguin
Temporary Home? (Demi Lovato Lovatic-Penguin
Demi Lovato just finished her world tour. She feels the need to take a break from her career for a while. She's not planning on retiring completely, but she can't maint...
Demi Lovato imagines  by Slime-Zaddy
Demi Lovato imagines by Daddy
You and Demi ~contains G!P
*EDITING* Bonfire Heart (Demi Lovato) by LovingLovats
*EDITING* Bonfire Heart (Demi LovingLovats
Demi Lovato. Internationally famous. Award winning popstar. But something is missing. Three year old Alexa is desperate for someone to adopt and love her. Could D...
Imagine that with Demi Lovato (Lesbian Stories) by Alice_ddlovato
Imagine that with Demi Lovato ( A
A Collection of Demi Lovato Imagines (Short Stories) that allow you to imagine yourself in a relationship or friendship with the pop sensation herself. It's mostly fluff...
Sweet and Innocent (Demi Lovato) by IAmALovatic4Life
Sweet and Innocent (Demi Lovato)by IAmALovatic4Life
Six years ago, a toddler and her baby sister were orphaned after their parents died in a car crash. Lillian and Neveah were left with their uncle who was the last surviv...
Silence by brianaagriffithh
Silenceby Briana
She sat there in silence. Completely silent. Not one word. Just staring at me with her hazel brown eyes. And at that moment I knew she was the one.
My little Rebel by nemidelavato
My little Rebelby Lovatic4eva58
Hey I'm Skylar Jade Lovato. Yes as in Demi Lovato. Before you ask no I won't put in a good word for you for my sister. Why? because I hate her that's why? But how can yo...