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A Symphony of Devotion: The Start [Demi Lovato] by undyinglovato
A Symphony of Devotion: The liz
"I know we will grow, and we will change. We already have. I know that life has many paths, but ours have already crossed, so why do you want them to separate? I kn...
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Tomorrow is ours by Ready_For_Ya
Tomorrow is oursby Ready_For_Ya
sometimes life happens...
  • demi
  • wilmer
  • relationship
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Together (Demi Lovato Adoption) by izzobobizzo
Together (Demi Lovato Adoption)by Izzy
Ellie, a fourteen-year-old orphan, has never known a real family. Her biological parents abandoned her when she was eleven months old, leaving her to live out her years...
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You do as I say, understood?  by MarthaAudra
You do as I say, understood? by Audra
Adelaide is 22 years old. She has been living in LA for two years now. To run away from her demons and her past. But they quickly catch up to her. Demi is her new profes...
  • cutting
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Demi Lovato Is My Stepsister by demilovato0820
Demi Lovato Is My Stepsisterby demilovato0820
Heyy! Just a few things about me... I love Demi Lovato! She's my Queen! And sometimes I'm thinking about what would happen if I actually would know her. This is what I'...
  • lesbian
  • lovato
  • lesbiansex
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It's What Mothers Do by wordsweneversaid
It's What Mothers Doby wordsweneversaid
Based off my imagine 'What Mothers Do' from my Demi Lovato/You Imagines. Sleepless nights, consuming depression, empty threats and frightening revelations is what has be...
  • valderrama
  • wilmer
  • surprise
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Demi Imagines (Lesbian) by demisdirection
Demi Imagines (Lesbian)by Jam
This is just a book of Demi imagines to keep you reading while I work on Confident, Revival, Girl Meets Reality, and more! So... Enjoy and inbox me if you have any ideas...
  • maddie
  • sweet
  • imagines
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The Unexpected Saviour by wrxter11
The Unexpected Saviourby wrxter11
When a fan reaches out to Demi for support after breaking her sobriety, Harper Lewis never expected this...
  • lesbianromance
  • demetriadevonnelovato
  • lesbian
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A Lovato With Issues (A Demi Lovato FanFiction) by SoffMc
A Lovato With Issues (A Demi SoffMc
I hate the world, my sisters, my parents, my biological father, my life. I've always been an intruder in my own family, I never got along with them and the only person w...
  • lovato
  • troubled
  • demi
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Demi Imagines by gayestfordemetria
Demi Imaginesby ShowstoppinLovatic
Y'all already know it 😛 I'm discontinuing the other one cause I don't like it and now I'm here with a new and improved one. (probably not improved but oh well) Don't fo...
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