Demi at rehab by demilovato0820
Demi at rehabby demilovato0820
Demi got into rehab after her overdose. Is she getting sober there? And will she have new friends? Read the book and you'll find out!
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  • demilovato
  • gxg
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Demi's Boy by goingallnight
Demi's Boyby goingallnight
Once, there was a boy, named Kaden. He was, schizophrenic, lonely, Bipolar and gentle. His parents got fid up with him and dropped him at an orphanage when he was 7. His...
  • nickjonas
  • schizophrenic
  • demi
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Demi Lovato Imagines by sofiaxrosee
Demi Lovato Imaginesby sofiaxrosee
Demi Lovato and You Imagines! Open to requests!
  • lesbian
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  • gxg
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My Sanity (Demi Lovato Fan-Fiction) by DevotedCasualty
My Sanity (Demi Lovato Fan-Fiction)by .
Notice: This story has been gone for almost a year now. I have decide to COMPLETELY redo it. Some chapters will be the same, or slightly changed. However, the story as a...
  • teen
  • girlxgirl
  • fanfic
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Demi Lovato Imagines by justlovatox
Demi Lovato Imaginesby tellmeyoulovemedemi
One shots and imagines All will be Y/N ‼️Will contain‼️ •Smut •Possible BDSM •Mental Health •Possible Suicide
  • lovatic
  • one
  • oneshot
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It All Started with a Bang (Demi Lovato fanfic) by findinglove9499
It All Started with a Bang (Demi Amanda
Meet Amanda Moon. 17 year old girl struggling to get out of her abusive parents reign. With a sick twist of fate Amanda meets her idol. The one, the only Demi Lovato.
  • lovato
  • treatment
  • selenagomez
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Secret Bump- Demi Lovato (Lesbian Fanfic) by demiiloveyou
Secret Bump- Demi Lovato ( demiiloveyou
"Wait, at least give me a chance! Let me explain!" Tami pleads, "Please." Demi let's out a very deep breath, as she slowly turns around and walks bac...
  • secretbump
  • lesbian
  • demi
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In love with my best friend  by XxHold_UpXx
In love with my best friend by XxHold_UpXx
Just a heads up this is my first story ever. I hope you like it. Ashley is an 18 year old who is best friends with none the less the Demi Lovato. But she falls for D...
  • demetriadevonnelovato
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  • demetria
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Demi Lovato wedding series (Girlxgirl) by gayforddlovato
Demi Lovato wedding series ( Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato wedding series! Girlxgirl. 💗 Highest ranking: #31 in Demi
  • bisexual
  • lesbian
  • love
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I like girls... by demislove129
I like Demi’s•love
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Mommy's girl by littlelolitababy
Mommy's girlby postmaloneismydad
"Mommy!" My little girl tells when I walk into the house. She's on the ground playing with her baby doll. "Hello my pretty baby!" She bites her lip a...
  • lovato
  • kitten
  • dom
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Imagine that with Demi Lovato (Lesbian Stories) by Alice_ddlovato
Imagine that with Demi Lovato ( Alice
A Collection of Demi Lovato Imagines (Short Stories) that allow you to imagine yourself in a relationship or friendship with the pop sensation herself. It's mostly fluff...
  • imagine
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  • lesbian
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Odell and Demi stories by CrownTheQveen
Odell and Demi storiesby DREAM.
Just going to be a bunch of stories.
  • lovato
  • odell
  • beyonce
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Demi Imagines by gayestfordemi
Demi Imaginesby ShowstoppinLovatic
Y'all already know it 😛 I'm discontinuing the other one cause I don't like it and now I'm here with a new and improved one. (probably not improved but oh well) Don't fo...
  • imagines
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Adopted by fifth harmony/Camren  by VioletandTate01
Adopted by fifth harmony/Camren by VioletandTate01
Haileigh is 10 years old, almost 11; she has been in the orphanage since she was 5. The care takers are shit & she's constantly being but down. When she runs away becaus...
  • harmony
  • ally
  • camren
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(un)broken by Unbreakablelovato
(un)brokenby Kai
Strict parents, a controlling family, Avery Anderson has it all. The only bright side to her life? Well, that would be her best friend. They do everything together, and...
  • ddlovato
  • mentalhealth
  • avery
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i'm ace? and part of lgbt? by LeepFrog713
i'm ace? and part of lgbt?by LeepFrog713
So I've seen journals of people in the LGBT+ community on here, and I've also noticed that asexuals seem to have lack of representation. I wanted to share my story so th...
  • trigger
  • aro
  • demi
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Nobody's Business by W1LDCH1LD
Nobody's Businessby wild child.
It ain't nobody's business but mine and my baby's.
  • tremi
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Demi Lovato Lesbian Imagines by ddlHayleyKiyoko
Demi Lovato Lesbian Imaginesby Demi Lovato & Hayley Kiyoko
{ These imagines are mostly from my instagram and I figured I'd put them on here. I hope you'll enjoy all of them! I'm still adding new ones till this day! And if you ha...
  • fanfic
  • lgbt
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The House | Demi Lovato by fxllinline
The House | Demi Lovatoby — britt
"A spoiled ass celebrity with too much money." ~ Layla Layla Ahkari is a seventeen year old girl. Hasn't matured one bit ever since seventh grade, has a gay be...
  • lovato
  • house
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