Chapter 19

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We'd gone back to our pretty normal lives since my dad has been gone. Little did I know, my life was about to go back into the sad state it was in a month ago. One phone call. Two words.


Lexi's POV

"Hello?" I answered. It was a weird number, so I thought.

"Hello, is this Mrs. Briggs?" The voice was a male. It was cold and deep.

"This is her daughter... Who is this?" I was scared. Who was this? And why are they calling?

"We need to speak with her, can you put her on the line please?"

"Yeah, one moment." I walked to the living room, finding Demi and my mom. "Mom, there's someone asking for you." I handed her the phone and watched, waiting to find out who the hell was calling.

"Hello? Yes, this is her. What? Are you sure it was him? Thank you.. Goodbye."


"He's dead."

"Wh... What?"

"He's gone... Your father is dead... They said he was stabbed... They figure someone snuck in, and did it.." Her eyes filled with tears, I fell into her arms, bawling. My dad, he was just here a month ago. Now... He's gone forever. No! This isn't happening! This isn't fair! I barely got to know him!


I woke up in my bed, my head was throbbing. What happened? Demi walked in with a glass of water. She saw I was awake, set the glass down, and ran to me. It wasn't much if a run, considering my bed isn't far from the door, but whatevs. She pulled me close to her, kissing my head. That's when it hit me.. My father, is dead. He's gone forever. He won't be coming back this time. No!! My eyes started burning as the tears fell down my face. She held me tighter, comforting me. I squeezed her, because I don't want to lose her too. Wait, my mom... As if she read my mind, Demi said she was asleep. Oh my god.. I was having a normal day today, then my dad... they call... no!!!!!!!!


"My dad, was a very special man. He taught me, that sometimes, life sucks." I smirked. "but he also taught me, that no matter what, you can't put your life on hold for anyone. And that's exactly what he would never do. He fought for every single one of us. He gave us what we have right now. Freedom. WE are free to love whoever, WE are free to do whatever, WE are free. But our freedom wasn't free. Our freedom, is constantly being payed for. Men and women of this country, die everyday so that we can live in freedom." I started to tear up, this is all too much. But I have to finish. "He was a strong man, who cared about his family, his country, and overall everyone else but himself. He wasn't always there when I was growing up, but he was as much as he could be. And that's what mattered to me. I love you daddy, rest in peace..." I looked at everyone who came to my dad's funeral. So many people. He was truly a good man. I'll miss him.

After a lot of speeches from a lot of people, I went over to the piano. This was it. My tribute to my father.

"I love you daddy" I whispered before gently pressing key after key.

"Somebody speak to me

Cause I'm feeling like hell

Need you to answer me

I'm overwhelmed

I need a voice to echo

I need a light to take me home

I kinda need a hero

Is it you

I never see the forest for the trees

I could really use your melody

Daddy I'm a little blind

I think it's time

For you to find me

Can you be my nightingale

Sing to me I know you're there

You can be my sanity

Bring me peace

Send me to sleep

Say you'll be my nightingale"

I finished the song, tears steadily flowing from my eyes. This was it. This was the final goodbye. The preacher said a prayer, and that was it. It's over. We all went outside and blew up balloons with notes to my dad tied at the end of a string. They were all short notes we'd written, as if there was something we wanted to get in before the final end.

"Goodbye daddy, may you rest in peace..." I whispered, letting go of a balloon. I silently cried, feeling arms around me. I turned around and saw Demi, I collapsed in her arms. She held me tight as we waited for my mom.

"Are you okay babygirl?" she asked, her voice singing a melody with every word.

"He's safe now. He's happy. He's in a good place. He's in good hands." I realized that I'd stopped crying, looking up at Demi. I kissed her.

"That's a very strong thing to say. I'm proud of you. You know why? Because I don't know anybody who can stand so strong as you. Yeah, you cry. But that's a given. You're so amazingly strong, and I'm so proud of you. I love you babygirl, so much."


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