Quick Update/Filler Chapter

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HEY GUYS! Sorry for such a delay with this update. I've had a bit of writers block. I'm really glad y'all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it. I also skipped to Lexi's 20th birthday. Well, that's enough of me talking.

Demi's POV

It's crazy y'know? People always say love at first sight, but you never really believe it. Until it happens to you. I saw her at my concert, and I forgot the qwords to my own song. I felt it. I loved her. Crazy right? But I had to meet her. I had to get to know her. Look where we are now. I've been with Lexi since at that concert. That concert changed my life. Now here we are, Lexi turns 20 next week, and I have something really special planned.
"Babe, I'm hooooooome!" I basically sang it because well, why not?
"I'm up here Dems!" She called from upstairs.
I ran upstairs and as soon as I opened the bedroom door, I was greeted with a kiss before Lexi sat on the bed.
"Lex? What's wrong?"
"Nothing is wrong... I just, everyday I think about my future.. Our future. And I always think about how I will feel on our wedding day. And just..."
"Babe." I interrupted her. Oops? "Let's go out tonight. You and me. Let's just go out and have some fun. Okay?"
"Okay. We'll go out tonight."
This is only the first step to my plan. I've been planning this for a while now.

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