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Dance First (Dance Moms ALDC LA Fanfiction) by anon-sirekl20
Dance First (Dance Moms ALDC LA -,' moi ',-
Aurelia was a prodigy of many talents. After taking a break, she has now appeared back in the limelight with an invite to ALDC for the TV show Dance Moms. Aurelia, havi...
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  • maddieziegler
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higher~ lil mosey love story  by pimpdzaddyprince
higher~ lil mosey love story by lee lee
Idk just read it😂🤷🏽‍♀️ (Completed) I do not own any of the pictures in this story and they are strictly for entertainment purposes. All credit will be givin to the ri...
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Love of a Lifetime by sexydirtylovato
Love of a Lifetimeby bree
I had been awaiting this moment for forever. I finally get to go to the concert if my idol. I am going to soundcheck, but I couldn't afford meet n' greet tickets. But it...
  • demetria
  • haileesteinfield
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[Completed] The taste of life  by Sei-Kt
[Completed] The taste of life by ~Sei~
~Миний биеийн эд эс бүхэн чамайг нэхэж, чамаар амьсгалаж, зүрхний минь хамгийн гунигтай хэсэгт хүртэл чи цэцэг ургуулж чадсан~
  • love
  • sehun
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[Completed] The bad main character / Муу гол дүр / by Sei-Kt
[Completed] The bad main ~Sei~
-: "Хүн мөргөчихөөд уучлалт гуйдаггүй юм уу" гэж тэрээр нилээн ууртайгаар хэлсэн ч удалгүй түүний урууланд ёжтой инээд тодрон "энэ бас л чиний бусдын анха...
  • romance
  • highschool
  • baekhyun
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arabesque~brady farrar by we_love_quacksons
arabesque~brady farrarby ♔𝐒𝐎𝐏𝐇♔
'Abby Lee Miller' is all about a new start. New Team, New Season, New Dances, New, New, New! What will happen when two members of the team start to get feelings for eac...
  • bradyfarrar
  • dancemoms
  • arabesque
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The Replacement (Brady × Reader) by lEggosWafflesl
The Replacement (Brady × Reader)by ᑌᑎᔕTEᗩᗪY
She's the new kid on the block, maybe.. even the new Maddie.
  • lifetime
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  • abbyleedancecompany
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His woman / Түүний эмэгтэй / by Sei-Kt
His woman / Түүний эмэгтэй /by ~Sei~
... Түүний эмэгтэй байна гэдэг тэвчээр, тэвчээр бас дахин тэвчээр мөн нулимс ... Ганцаардал
  • jeonjungkook
  • lifetime
  • romance
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KALANK  by mananstarflies
KALANK by anonymous
SHE SCREAMED, SHE CRIED ,SHE BEGGED, the CURTAINS FELL, THE PLAY ENDED . HER PAIN DIDN'T .... not every story is a fairytale ...but every story has its own tale ❤❤❤ #1...
  • manik
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  • wattys2019
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Girls code /Brady Farrar/ by MaisyKelley
Girls code /Brady Farrar/by Maisy Kelley
Skylar Ketchman always had a dream and that was to dance. Skylar has had many incounters with famous people. Shes met people like: Sofie Dossi,Jordan Matter, Arianna Gra...
  • lifetime
  • dancemoms
  • lillyk
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Swanson Farms  by ryewinston
Swanson Farms by Rylea
Charlie Swanson thought that life in the city was the right path for her. After making a mistake and being left to live with the consequences, she moves back to her fami...
  • marriage
  • dogs
  • girls
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Two Realities | Warrior fanfiction by -Ink_Raven-
Two Realities | Warrior fanfictionby Raven
Wispkit is a ordinary, delicate tom, or so he thinks. Every time he goes to sleep, he wakes up in a different world, know there as Splashkit. Follow his life in two worl...
  • cat
  • cats
  • warriorcats
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Broadway Bebe by Secret_Dreamer_17
Broadway Bebeby Bye Felicia
"When your kids can do what she does, then complain about her being in the centre with Brady." "I have never said my dancers could never be together. Hell...
  • dance
  • abbyleedancecompany
  • seasoneight
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Worth Waiting For by AliasToBi
Worth Waiting Forby Calob Zero
For the vampire princess who has wondered the earth looking for a purpose, she most definitely did not expect to find it within a three year boy. Since the day she met h...
  • princess
  • highschool
  • truelove
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ShiviKa ~ LOVE OVER COFFEE (FEW SHOTS) by Mansi_Creations
Who knew love can be caffeinated? Peep in to know how two complete opposites - Shivaay and Anika, fell in love through their conversations over coffee.
  • business
  • shivika
  • rain
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Dance Star///Dance Moms by bebe_Kay
Dance Star///Dance Momsby bae
Lavish Valentine has been dancing Ever since she could walk. Her sister, Saige Valentine,has Danced for Addy Lee Miller so when she seen an opening she pushes her sister...
  • abbyleemiller
  • dancemomsfanfiction
  • dancemoms
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『OG』Malaikat Tanpa Sayap • Jaemin • nct • by henderyaya-
『OG』Malaikat Tanpa Sayap • ᗷOOᗰ
Ku hadiahkan sebuah fanfic buat Na Jaemin 《13 August 2018》 ❤ Jaemin turns 19 ❤🎊 ✿ 羽のない天使 ✿ Alasan Jaemin keluar dari NCT juga tidak jelas dan secara tiba-tiba. Tak a...
  • nomin
  • lisa
  • lifetime
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The Billionaire's desire for her  ( sample book ) full version on Dreame  by vidyaaaaaaa
The Billionaire's desire for vidyaaaaaaa
How would you react when the sunny bright atmosphere turns into dark cloudy and you find yourself getting pushed into dark valley ? How would you react when your perfec...
  • desire
  • shinesawards
  • ceo
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Illegitimacy (GxG) by MingMang_
Illegitimacy (GxG)by Mane
Zara loves women, all women. Her father hates this about her, but he tries to come to terms with it. But can he ever come to terms with his only daughter being in love w...
  • lesbians
  • wattys2018
  • undiscovered
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#Wattys2019 SamAina FF ~TERA MERA RISHTA PURANA~BOOK 1(ONGOING) by Mansi_Creations
#Wattys2019 SamAina FF ~TERA Mansi
#1 SHEFALI - 20/10/18 #3 SWAMUN - 24/08/19 #4 SWATI - 24/08/19 #1 LIFELONG - 17/09/18 #8 ABHISHEKNIGAM - 24/08/19 #1 AASHIKABHATIA - 21/06/19 #1 FAMILYVALUES - 29/03/19 ...
  • abhisheknigam
  • yudkbh
  • familyman
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