Chapter 11

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Demi's POV

I finally landed and after getting my luggage I searched for Lexi. After about 10 minutes of looking, I found her. She looked amazing. She saw me and ran up throwing her arms around me. I had her back. I didn't even worry about the paparazzi or anyone else. I kissed her. Right then, right there. Then grabbing my stuff we headed to her car. She drove.

When we reached her house I saw her mom in the doorway. Great. She probably hates me for running out on her daughter. When I walked up to the door she gave me a hug. Guess I was wrong. She seemed happy to see me. While I was taking everything upstairs, Lexi was talking to her mom about me. It was all adorable stuff like how she's missed me. I set my stuff down and went downstairs. When I walked over to Lexi, she gave me a box. She was giving a slight smile and hugged me before I opened it. It was a necklace just like the one I'd given her. The only difference being mine said 'Always'. I was happy to be back. We walked outside and sat by the tree in the yard.
"I missed you so much." Before I had the chance to say anything back to her she kissed me. It was literally perfect. She was perfect. Eventually, she would be mine forever. Someday.

A few weeks passed and I noticed Lexi becoming more distant with everyone. She'd come home from school and sit in her room. I have been talking to Nick again, and would've thought that to be the reason if her mom hadn't asked me to check her twitter. I went to her page and was mortified. As I only saw her defense tweets, I went to read the others. People from her school, my fans, random strangers who didn't know her, everyone was sending her hate. The things they said were terrible. After reading them I went upstairs to check on her. She wasn't in her room so I checked the bathroom. She wasn't inside at all. Panicking I screamed for her mom. She ran upstairs and immediately called Lexi's phone. Of course, it wasn't with her. She left it on the stand. While her mom phoned the police, I ran to my car which was there now, and went looking all over town. After keeping in touch with her mom, and looking for 3 hours, I found her. She was at the school. When I found her she was yelling at three girls. They kept yelling harsh things at her. I'm assuming they haven't seen me yet considering the three girls started to advance towards Lexi. Quickly getting out, I ran towards Lexi.
"Let's go Lexi."
"Get away from me! Just go home!"
"I'm not leaving you here. Get in the car. Please Lexi." I turned towards the girls and I'm sure you could see the anger in my face. "Go home." I drove Lexi home and her mom grabbed her hugging her when she walked in the door. Lexi just stood there hugging her while she cried.

After dinner, Lexi and I went upstairs and I figured I would talk to her while I had the chance.
"Lexi... What's going on? You've been really distant lately.. I'm worried about you.."
"It's nothing."
"Babe.. Please don't lie to me.. I'm here for you." A tear started to roll down her cheek and she leaned in

closer to me. I held her and whispered.
"Demi.. What did I do?"
"What do you mean? You haven't done anything."
"They all hate me. You chose me and not one of them. They're blaming me. How's that my fault that you wanted me?"
"Baby.. I know how hard it is to ignore them.. Trust me.. But you have to.. They're jealous.. Would you like me to say something?" I was going to say something either way. She had no choice.

"Dem... I know that even if I said no, you would still do it. So I'm not going to try to stop you.. But if it gets worse, then... I don't know what I'll do.." She had tears silently streaming down her face. "I wanna be homeschooled..." Crap. She'd have to talk to her mom about that. But she knows I'm fully supportive of anything she does.

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