Chapter 19

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Wednesday and Thurday actually went okay, Vikki was off school so Ashley didnt even look at me. She's nothing without Vikki. I still had some of the class laugh at me or papers chucked at me. 'Whore', 'Slut'.
All the same words that i got nearly everyday anyway.  Today was my day off. Friday. Moving day.

 "Fuck!" I screamed.
"What happened?" Dad said, running up to me.
"Look" I said, holding out my hand, Blood dripped from a small cut i got from my photo frame, which was now smashed on the floor.
"Are you being serious?" Dad laughed. "Get a plaster and I'll buy you a new frame when we go shopping for some stuff" He added. He picked up the actual photo and smiled.
"It was your 5th birthday, Austin stole sweets for you" He said. I laughed.
"Oh my god, yeah he did" I said.

Me and Dad had packed the trailer up full of of my wardrobe, desk, drawers and everything else. All the little things were in the van. We waited for James to come over. We were still packing the odd extra parts on the van when He turned up.

"Hey, need any help?" James asked.
"Nope, weve got it all sorted, Your room all good?" Dad said. James nodded.  I ran up to James and jumped on his back.
"Im moving in!" I shouted. He spun me round. He dropped me gently and turned to face me.
"Well lets go then" He said. We softly kissed as Dad walked past.
"Are we moving anytime soon?" Dad said. I laughed.
"Were coming" I said.

Before we went to James' we went to shop and picked up a couple of photo frames, lamp and wall mirror. When we got to James' we started by placing the wardrobe,desk and drawers into place within the room.
"Anyone want a drink or anything?" I ask.  Dad put down the chair and hands me a tenner out of wallet.
"Get some drinks from the store would you love"
"Sure, James, Im gonna borrow your bmx, okay" I say.  He nodds. I jump on his bmx, with the tenner in my pocket and im off.

I get to the shop and get some drinks, On my way back i see Austin, but he doesnt notice me. I stop just a distance away and watch him with his mates. I see them pass something to Austin, he slips whatever it is in to his pocket. There only one thing it could be...drugs.

I biked back slowly, just thinking about whether to tell Dad or not, I didnt want my brother getting hooked to it, Its disgusting. I pulled out a fag and lit it. When i got back and disposed of the fag and put the bike back. I walked into the house and into the living room. James and Dad sat on the sofa, I passed them shop bag with the items in.

"You took a while" James said.
"Yeah, Whats left to do?" I asked.
"Just 5 boxes, of your clothes and books and bags etc." Dad said.
"Okay, well, I can do that now" I said. "The boxes in the room?" I added.
"Yeah, Just near the bed babe" James said.

I walked upstairs and went into my new bedroom. The place looked great, Everything in place, apart from the boxes sitting in the middle of the room.  I dragged one of the boxes close to me and started placing the clothes from the box into the wardrobe and drawers.

"You alright babe?" James said, walking in with drinks in his hands.
"Dad gone home?" I said.
"Yeah he did, whats up?" He asked.
"I think Austin was taking drugs from someone earlier" I said.
"Are you being serious?"
"Yeah, But i dont know, i wont ask" I said.

After a while all the boxes were finished. The empty boxes were in the spare room of James' house. Both together, we sat downstairs.
"How about we have a house party?" James suddenly says.
"Or we go to the party at the park later?" I suggest.
"Is it tonight, sick, we'll go then if ya want" He says.
"Sure, How about you come help me find something to wear, in my new bedroom?" I laugh.
"Yeah, I should" He says. He takes my hands and bends down for me to jump on his back.
He runs upstairs with me hanging on for dear life. He drops me on the bed and goes into the bathroom, I hear the water start running, He comes back in with his top off.
"Im jumping in the bath" He says.
"Okayy, I'll just sit here and mind my own buisness" I say.
"Or you can join me?" He says. I hesitate.

"Hhmm, Okay, Let me get my bikini, You better wear boxers" I wink.

We sit in the bath, James' head against the wall, Me infront of him, My head on his chest.
"Do your cuts hurt in the bath?" James asks.
"They sting if they're fresh i suppose" I say. He takes my arm and brings it to his face, He kisses my scar gently and then makes his way to my neck.  I giggle. I pass him the shampoo.
"Please" I say.

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